Your 4×4 Pre-Summer Maintenance Checklist

The beautiful summers here in Colorado are every off-road driver’s dream, with trails galore just waiting to be explored. If you are getting excited for this season of 4×4 adventures, don’t forget to take a few minutes to go through your rig and make sure it’s ready too. A bit of early preparation can go a long way to make your summer of trail running safe and hassle-free.

Before you head off into the mountains, be sure to do the following things for your vehicle, and have any issues taken care of by a qualified 4×4 mechanic in Fort Collins!

  1. Thoroughly clean inside and out

Winters can be rough on your car, with the moisture and the salt from the roads, so take the time to do a complete detail, in and out. Take extra care to remove the salt from the undercarriage and wheel wells, and throw on a fresh coat of wax.

  1. Change and/or top off fluids

Before the adventures of summer take off, make a commitment to change the fluids in your rig. Put in a fresh batch of oil, do a transmission flush, check your brake and steering fluids, and top off your wiper fluid too.

  1. Do a tire rotation and alignment

Driving during the winter, through the snow and over all those potholes, can wear down your tires, and spring is a great time to have them rotated and your alignment checked. This will give you more balanced power and traction on the trails.

  1. Test your cooling systems

In the heat of summer, it’s important to keep you, and your car, cool. Run a test of your air conditioning system, and make sure you have plenty of fresh engine coolant so you can enjoy hours of summer fun without dangerously high temps.

Need an experienced 4×4 mechanic to get your rig ready for summer? Come down to our shop today!

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