Ways to Increase Your Off-Road Comfort

There are so many incredible trails to explore here in Colorado, and once you get a taste of true mountain off-roading, you may find it becoming a regular habit. However, you may also notice that riding around in a 4×4 rig for hours at a time isn’t always easy on the body! If you want to improve your trail-running skills, and get more enjoyment out of your adventures, it may be worth making some changes to boost your comfort.

There are a few simple things you can do, to make your time in your vehicle as pleasant as possible. This will allow you to put in more hours on the trails, and not suffer for it later!

Here are a handful of ways to invest in your 4×4 comfort:

  1. Get better shocks

A handful of your vehicle’s components will determine how smooth or rough your ride is, and one of the most important is your shocks. If you have older shocks, or ones that are stiff, you will feel more bumps on the trail, which can take a toll on your physical health after a while. Talk to a qualified 4×4 mechanic about upgrading to softer, more responsive shocks.

  1. Modify your seats

Many trail-worthy vehicles, especially older models, don’t have very comfortable seats. So you have two choices: buy all-new ones that are bucket-style, or “suspension seats.” Alternatively, you can buy universal (or custom) seat covers that provide extra cushioning and molding, to keep you secure and comfortable.  

  1. Fix your air and temperature

When thinking about interior comfort, don’t neglect the climate conditions. If your A/C or heater aren’t working efficiently, you definitely won’t be riding in style, especially here in Colorado with our wild weather changes. Also, if your air filters are old or dirty, you’ll be breathing in dust and dirt, which doesn’t make for a fun experience. Have your filters changed and your heating/cooling units serviced.

  1. Dress appropriately

Too often, especially with new 4×4 drivers, people will be dressed inadequately for trail conditions. Things like hypothermia and heat stroke are real and serious threats, so always make sure you dress in layers. Pack extra clothes, including those that are insulated and/or waterproof, and those that are breathable or shield you from the sun’s rays, depending on the season.

If you want to learn more ways to boost the comfort of your offroad ride, come down to the 4×4 Offroad Network!

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