Want to Resell Your Off-Road Truck? Buy One of These

Want to Resell Your Off-Road Truck? Buy One of These

It’s tough to say goodbye to a truck that you really love. But somewhere down the line you may want to sell that truck, or trade it in for something a bit better or just different. There are some off-road vehicles on the market that really aren’t worth anything when it comes to resale, and some that have an impressive resale value.

Of course, your goal will be to buy the one with the better value while also buying one that you love, right? That’s why we’ve gathered up this list of off-road trucks that also come with a great resale value – take a look!

  • Toyota Tundra: this bad boy is popular with all truck lovers, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does the Tundra look great, it also lives up to its reputation for being a touch off-road option.
  • Jeep Wrangler Unlimited: while there are mixed views out there about this truck’s capabilities when it comes to off-roading, it’s hard to deny that people still love the look of a Jeep. Jeeps haven’t lost their rugged edge, and that’s the number one reason why people look for used Jeeps more than most other off road vehicle options. The Unlimited version is just the more popular of the bunch.
  • Land Rover Range Rover Sport: here’s another controversial truck as far as off-roading abilities are concerned. Some hate the newer Land Rovers, and those people don’t believe that they are worth anything at all. But, most others love the Land Rover still. While this truck does have a good resale value, keep in mind that Land Rover parts are on the high side (so you may be selling it earlier than you think).
  • Toyota Land Cruiser: here’s another truck by Toyota that has a very good resale value. The Land Cruiser is highly sought after for its good looks and off-road options. If you purchase a Land Cruiser, you are likely to find someone to buy this vehicle from you when you want to trade up or trade in – or just get out of the off road business completely.

How to Know What to Buy

There are two markets to consider when buying a truck with the thought of selling it later in mind. There are those people that will buy a truck based on a luxury mark (like some Land Rovers or other luxury crossovers). This is a niche market, and it will mean keeping the truck that you purchase in top condition before you sell it. If you can’t afford the parts for a Land Rover, for example, you may not want to purchase this type of vehicle with the hopes of selling it – selling a truck that needs parts will just decrease the value of the truck along with the price that you can get for it.

The other market looking for a used offroad truck is the one that is serious about off-roading. For this crowd, only the toughest trucks will do – and any modifications you do to the truck better be in line with the off-roading mentality. These two markets are likely to be looking for any truck that you are selling, so keep this in mind when you buy a truck with the concept of selling it later. Not all trucks have a good resale value, but those that are in high demand definitely do.

Our Used Offroad Parts

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