Useful Tools for Your Garage

If you decide to perform auto repairs or 4×4 service yourself, it will be useful to be well equipped with a variety of tools. Installing auto parts can be a difficult task and it will only be more challenging without the proper equipment. Having these variety of tools can help you get the job done right. You’ll notice a lot of these tools may only be necessary in auto service centers and other offroad shops, but depending on how serious you want to get with the installation of your 4×4 accessories and auto repair these may be good choices for you:

4x4 Tools1. Screw drivers – These are one of the most important tools you can have in your toolbox. Screw drivers are used to loosen and tighten a large variety of bolts and screws holding important components on your vehicle. They come with different head types including a straight head, Phillips and offset.

2. Wrenches and Spanners – Wrenches and spanners are very important tools to have in your arsenal and come in a large variety of sizes and types:

Open End Spanners: These are very common spanners used in a wide range of garages to help tighten bolts in tight or crowded areas. Open-and spanners are best used for the initial tightening or loosening of nuts and are not recommended for loosening/tightening at high tensions.

Ring Spanners: Also known as box spanners, the ends completely cover a bolt/nut head to provide good grip.

Combination Spanners: This type of spanner has a ring on one side and the other side is left exposed.

Socket Wrench: A very common wrench/spanner that everyone should own, it’s useful in restricted conditions where common wrenches and spanners otherwise can’t be used. These are designed to fit multiple sizes of sockets and extension rods. These allow for easy tightening and loosing nuts and bolts.

Torque Wrench: A lot of bolts on a car require a specific amount of torque applied when tightening. These wrenches can select a specific amount of torque and will assure the mechanic that the required tightening is done properly.

Adjustable Wrenches: These are great because they allow a single tool to be used for a number of bolt patterns. They don’t tighten or loosen bolts well, but are good for quick applications.

4x4 ToolsAllen Wrenches: Multi-head Allen wrenches are used on Allen screws with hexagonal shaped grooves.

3.Pliers – These are very useful to help hold small items and are used on a variety of applications.

4.Hammers – Hammers are used for a variety of tasks including hard surface work.

5.Chisels – These can be useful when cutting through metal that is rusted or corroded.



8.Drilling machine  – These are helpful for custom work when holes need to be drilled in the body or other hard parts of a car.

9.Bench vice – Vices hold a component in place when working on a variety of objects including repair of strut assemblies or other similar parts.


11.Measuring tools – Each garage should have an assortment of measuring tools including steel rulers, measuring tape, feeler gauges, micrometers, etc.

12.Chain pulley block

13.Jack and jack stands – These are both very important if any work is being done under the car. Make sure a quality jack and stands are purchased to ensure the safety of the mechanic.


15.Lubrication equipment

16.Battery testing and charging equipment

17.Electric equipment

18. Tools for tires

19. High pressure washing equipment

20. Engine analyzer

21. Piston ring compressor

22. Ring remover

23. Ring filing tool

24. Piston groove cleaner

25. Cylinder reboring machine

26. Cylinder honing machine

27. Valve refacing machine

28.Valve re seat grinding equipment

29.Chassis alignment equipment

30.Spark plug testing and cleaning equipment

31.Steering geometry and alignment gauges

32.Nozzle testing and cleaning equipment

33.Connecting rod alignment machine

34.Fuel injector tester

35.Center lathe

36.Fire extinguisher

37.Air compressor and pressure gauge

38. Workshop manuals

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