Unique Tools for Your Workshop

The automotive world is full of useful tools to help make repairs and maintenance possible. Some of these tools are unique additions to any workshop, garage or just to keep in the back of your vehicle when you’re going offroad.

Wagan 900AMP Jump Starter w/ Air Compressor

There are a variety of jump starters available on the market, but a good one to have is the Wagan 900AMP with an air compressor. This is a great addition to have in any garage or vehicle, because it will restore a dead battery back to life, and has the capability to inflate tires. This is an extremely helpful tool to have for any 4×4 enthusiast, as it will allow you to air down and re-inflate when you’re done hitting the trail. They take only about 24 hours to fully charge, have a 260 PSI air compressor, a 900AMP cranking power jump, 1 DC outlet with a 12V output, a built-in LED work light, overload and short circuit protection and weighs 16.5lbs.

EZ Red Kiwi Pliers

Have you ever used a pair of needle-nose pliers in a tight area and noticed your hand gets in the way of your line of sight? With EZ Red Kiwi Pliers, this problem is eliminated and you can get into tight and awkward angles with more ease since they are angled. A two piece set can be found for about $16.

Bent-handle Flex Ratchet

Ratchets and socket wrenches are some of the most important tools to have in any garage. While they are very helpful, sometimes they can be too short to reach certain places, or can be impossible to fit into tight areas. Incorporating a Bent-handle flex ratchet from GearWrench might help solve this issue. It has a bent handle that will allow you to get enough leverage to break bolts but squeeze into tight areas under the hood. It has a cushioned grip instead of a standard metal grip and the bent handle allows you to get more distance between you and the engine, so when the bolt breaks loose, your knuckles won’t get in the way. It comes with two spark plug sockets and flexible extensions. You can find it online for about $60.

Spark Plug Pliers

When removing spark plugs wires, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll damage the boot. With specialized spark plug pliers however, you will protect the boot due to the tool’s padded spark plugs. Slide it onto the top of the spark plug boot near the wire and clamp down. This will apply force to the medal clip inside the boot as opposed to the rubber, and then twist and pull. You can find these for about $10 online or in stores.

High Torque Pneumatic Wrench

If you’re doing any sort of 4×4 service on your vehicle, it’s important to have a torque wrench. However it’s worth the investment to spend a little extra and buy a high torque pneumatic wrench. This wrench has twice the amount of torque compared to a conventional torque wrench, and since it’s battery powered it requires no strength to use. The wrench has 922 lbs of torque, which is almost twice the amount of an ordinary wrench. It costs about $200 from an automotive supply store, or can be found online. Chicago Pneumatic is a reliable high torque pneumatic wrench to include in your arsenal.

Eastwood Fender Roller

For those who want to add a more aggressive look to their sports car or SUV, or have a need for wider fenders to accommodate larger tire sizes, a fender roller may be the answer. If you’re on a budget and can’t afford larger fenders, a fender roller is a more affordable way to modify your stock fenders. The Eastwood Fender Roller clamps directly onto the wheel’s hub flange and is held in place with included dished washers and your vehicle’s lug nuts. The folding arm adjusts to fit a variety of vehicles. The fender finisher comes with a roller that will allow you to roll the fenders out easily. You can find one for about $280.

Silicone Rescue Tape

This is an extremely helpful tape to have in case of emergencies. It has up to 950 psi tensile strength, resists up to 500 degrees of heat and -85 degrees of cold, insulates 12,000 volts per layer UV, and resists wear from the weather. It’s especially useful for times when a hose leaks, a wire gets severed, a pipe cracks, need to water or weatherproof something on the go, or fix other components in your car. It’s one of the most valuable truck parts you can have and it costs only around $10.

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