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Top Tires for Your Rock Crawler: Part II

In Part 1, we discussed the top three tire options for your off road rig, but we only included big national brands; the ones that you can buy from nearly any service center in the country. But this next set of recommendations makes its way to you from the world of extreme custom-made off-road parts with plenty of big-name patrons to back it up. For those who have the budget and inclination, an entire world of aggressively sculpted, intensely tested, monster-treaded rubber is out there waiting to conquer any and all terrain.

If you fancy yourself in the extreme outdoor sporting category, and have the truck or buggy to prove it, consider slapping down some cash for a set of these tires. Keep in mind, some of these may need to be custom ordered for your vehicle, so if you’re doing your shopping for auto parts in Fort Collins, head over to your local 4×4 mechanic and have them help you choose the one for the best fit.

Interco IROK

From one of the leading manufacturers of specialty tires for agricultural, industry, and racing comes one pretty sweet ring of rock-climbing power. A triple directional lug pattern that ultra-grips rough surfaces and a reinforced cut-resistant inner cord are just two of the components to the IROK tire from Interco. They come in radial, bias competition compound, and bias ply varieties, with the latter being the most popular with off-roaders.

It features impressively sculpted self-cleaning treads, including several that wrap over laterally for extra traction to pop you out of any tight spots. Reinforced sidewalls and maximum thickness rubber provide the ultimate in durability- something that we can all agree is necessary in all off-road parts! The IROK is a great all-around tire whether you’re defeating serious outcroppings or just playing in streams: it gets consistently good reviews in all terrains from rock to mud to snow.

Pit Bull Rocker

Enter the bad boy of the tire world and feast your eyes on their chunky lugs, extreme sculpting, and cool sidewall “tattoos”. While it may sound like a frat boy just arrived at the party, the engineers at Pit Bull Tires have managed to get their paws on several U.S. and international patents for their tread designs, while becoming one of the most respected names in the ‘biz. Just ask your 4×4 mechanic: these tires kick serious butt on the trail.

The Rocker is their star player, with its oversized tread blocks, wide voids, and integrated sidewall protection, and it’s no wonder it’s the tire of choice for several professional off-road racers. Several highly-guarded technologies are woven into this rubber: the “All Bite No Bark™” technology claims to reduce road noise and the “Tear It Up™” design is why their tires are so impervious to punctures, heat, and cuts. But don’t get bogged down in all the fancy language and patented jargon — just trust these people to make a set of rounds that can get you up the mountains and down again.

Maxxis Creepy Crawler M8090

Chances are if you’ve watched any of the Tour De France, you’ll have noticed the Maxxis logo — they’re one of the top bike tire companies in the world complete with their own peloton racing team. However, they make a whole lot more than just road tubes: their selection of motorcycle, ATV, and truck tires has been enough to convert some of the top names in rock crawling. The Creepy Crawler sports a full-body tread pattern that lends a seriously aggressive design and reliable performance in extreme terrain, as well as a unique tread pattern that evenly distributes your rig’s weight while on the trail.

Maxxis uses a special rubber compound that resists damage while staying soft and pliable which, combined with the siped lugs and deep voids, gives these tires serious bite. While it might be street legal (DOT-approved), this tire will give off louder road noise and the bias cut treads will make road handling quite a challenge. Like with most extreme off-road and rock-crawling tires, it’s best to keep your set safely stored away until you actually use them. Trips to the grocery store and helping your buddy move aren’t good uses of your specialty purchase. (Unless you buddy is moving into the deep mountain trails.)

So, if tires are on your wish list this year, be sure to shop around for auto parts in Fort Collins and always talk to a qualified 4×4 mechanic before doling out that hard-earned cash. And with all off road parts and components, trust your local service center to handle the installation for maximum reliability and warranty value.

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