The Right Auto Repair Will Get You Back On The Road

Don’t ignore that rattle in your car or truck any longer. Easily preventable issues can lead to major vehicle problems. Your mechanic can help you get back on the road with skilled service and competitive prices. The 4×4 Off Road Network is not just your place for the best aftermarket 4-wheel sporting parts; their auto service center offers maintenance and repair service for all vehicles, with specialized care offered for 4×4 vehicles that are hard to find from your usual mechanic. Fort Collins off-roaders can trust the parts and service because they come with warranties that ensure smooth rides, and not-so-smooth rides.

Regular Maintenance for All Vehicles

Every car and truck requires routine maintenance to stay on the road. This means fluid and oil changes, tire rotation, and regular inspection of brakes, tires, filters, and engine performance. Regular maintenance is essential for all vehicles, and timely check-ups can help provide maximum performance and fuel efficiency. With specialized service offered for 4×4 vehicles, your regular maintenance is a snap to ensure the life of your tires, transmission, and axles.

Even custom 4-wheel drive vehicles need the same type of maintenance to ensure safety and reliability on the toughest trails in Colorado. Off-roading requires proper function in your transmission and wheel articulation, and the right amount of power to get up steep inclines or out of deep ravines. All off-roaders, from novice to expert, should trust their auto service center to provide the right kind of care to keep their experience safe, as well as exciting.

Common Repair Issues

Off-roading will inevitably take a toll on any vehicle, and repair is often needed to restore proper alignment and suspension. In addition to offering great aftermarket parts, the specialists at the 4×4 Off Road Network can offer repair service that you can’t get from just any mechanic. Fort Collins off-roaders often experience suspension problems from the rough terrain, engine cooling problems from particularly strenuous climbs, transmission leaks that come from heavy shifting and climbing, and braking systems that suffer a great deal of wear.

Trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps with oversized tires can naturally put more wear on the brakes. Manufacturers install a braking system that is designed for smaller tires and a shorter wheel rotation. With larger wheels and tires, the brakes may need to be modified for safety and for longer life. Just as there is always the right tire for the right activity, your brakes should be prepared to match tire rotation with the proper stopping ability.

Reducing Your Off-Road Footprint

Even off-roaders need to be aware of the environmental impact of their activity. With increased engine sizes revving through country trails, the impact of exhaust can be particularly destructive on air quality. To ensure that your off-road vehicle can pass required emissions inspections, the skilled service technicians at the Off Road Network can make sure your engine is fully prepared without sacrificing performance. Custom vehicles often cannot fit on the equipment at the neighborhood testing center. If you have customized your vehicle with oversized tires, you can rent stock tires from the service center in order to pass the test.

Some off-roaders who have customized their vehicles don’t bother to keep stock parts around, while others like to be prepared for anything. Larger wheels don’t always perform very well on the paved highways of Colorado, and for drivers that want to be able to customize their vehicle for routine commutes as well as exciting off-road experiences can exchange their tires with the help of the experts at the 4×4 Off Road Network.

An Aftermarket Superstore

To ensure safety and performance, you may consider aftermarket parts to customize your vehicle. You can install skid plates to protect the undercarriage of your vehicle. You may also consider increasing tire size, installing light mounts, or even adding adjustable suspension lift kits to create an off-roading beast. To really get the most from your experience, you may also want to adjust aspects of your drive train, including installing a larger engine, low-gear transmission systems, and axles that allow proper wheel articulation. For safety, you may also want to augment your vehicle with top-of-the-line recovery gear, such as winches, straps, and snatch blocks.

To get the most from your off-roading experience, you will need to prepare your vehicle with the right aftermarket parts designed for rugged terrain. Don’t try to customize your vehicle yourself, the repair service and part instillation is guaranteed at the 4×4 Off Road Network, allowing you to choose from dozens of manufacturers to create the off-roader of your dreams. Whether you need 4-wheeling accessories or drive-train components, always trust a professional to install the right parts for Colorado’s most rugged paths.

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