Taking Care of Your Paint

As all auto enthusiasts know, taking care of your vehicle is one of the best investments you can make. Regular maintenance at your 4×4 mechanic and auto service center can help extend the life of your vehicle and eventually save you money in the long run.

Jeeps of 4x4 off roadOne of the best investments you can make in your vehicle upkeep is to take care of the paint. As offroad enthusiasts our vehicles are constantly getting mud and dirt caked onto the paint. If not washed regularly, the dirt can eat away at the clear coat eventually causing it to peel, ruin the paint and rust. With that said, the best way to keep care of your paint is to wash your vehicle regularly, at least twice a month. Use a specialized car wash solution from companies such as Meguiars or Mothers, not dish soap, to get rid of the dirt. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the car first to in order to remove as much dirt as possible and prevent scratching. Also make sure to clean the undercarriage of the car, as mud is likely to cake on and cause rust. When drying, use a soft towel.

The next best thing for paint care is to regularly apply wax at least once every three months (or less if you really love your car). Wax will help seal and protect your clear coat from the elements such as dirt, the sun and the rain, plus it will give it that nice glossy look everyone loves. After washing the car, towel drying and moving it into the shade, apply the wax using an applicator, let it dry for a couple minutes and generously rub it in using a terry cloth or buffer. Make sure the cloth you use isn’t fibrous or coarse, as this can cause scratching.

The final thing you can do is to clay bar your car once to twice a year. Using a clay bar designed for automotive care will forcefully remove any trapped dirt stuck onto the clear coat that normally wouldn’t come off with waxing.

If you take the necessary steps to wash your vehicle regularly and protect the clear coat, your paint will last the life of your car and you’ll never have to worry about painting any body parts or other auto parts again.

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