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Two trucks offroading in the snow.

Snow-Wheeling? Here’s How To Stay Safe!

The mountains of Colorado are no strangers to heavy snowfall: between October and April those fluffy white flakes are fair game and can sometimes keep even seasoned off-roaders stuck inside. But if you willing to play it safe, winter can be a great time to explore the 4×4 trails in the area and can offer a totally different perspective and different set of challenges for you to conquer. If you’ve never snow-wheeled before, be extra sure to follow these tips and chat with a mechanic at your Fort Collins auto repair shop before making the trip out. You may also want to research some used truck parts that can help you withstand the weather without draining your bank account–components take … Read More


Choosing Used Truck Parts Has Its Perks

When the time comes around to replace or upgrade your car’s components, it’s easy to get stuck in the rut of one-click package-new purchasing. And while this may have the advantage of instant gratification, it often comes with the disadvantages of higher prices and a smaller selection. Some people shy away from the idea of buying used car parts, saying they are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with putting an already-worn piece into their reliable rig. But used parts are an incredibly smart option, especially if you get them at a licensed auto parts store and have them installed by a professional mechanic. It’s not all sketchy stories and worn-down components in the world of used truck parts: here are just a … Read More


Is Your 4X4 Off-Road Ready?

Sure, you own a truck or Jeep, but that doesn’t mean that you can just head off-road on the trails. You need to make sure that your vehicle is ready to handle the rugged terrain! That might mean getting a few aftermarket parts, but it’s worth it knowing that your vehicle is sturdy enough to handle whatever trail riding has to throw its way.

Here’s a handy guide to help you determine if your 4X4 is truly off-road ready.

Emergency Toolkit

You wouldn’t head out on a week-long camping excursion without a first aid kid, why would you hit the trails without some form of emergency toolkit for your 4X4? You want to make sure you have a spare tire, … Read More


How To Buy A Used 4X4

When you’re in the market for a new toy to hit the mud with, you’re likely to consider buying used. However, this brings to the table a long list of considerations and questions for the seller, that you only hope he answers honestly. Let’s face it – you know that if you’re going to buy a used vehicle to take off-road, chances are that vehicle has already been off-road in the past. What kind of trouble has the vehicle run into that could spell problems down the road for you?

You know you can’t afford a shiny, new 4X4 – not only is the sticker price way out of your price range, insuring that truck is equally expensive. So how … Read More

Tackle the Road Less Traveled – Turn Your Truck into a Real Off-road Vehicle

So, your first step in tackling the miles of barely driven paths in Colorado may have been purchasing that truck, jeep, or SUV you’ve always wanted. It might have huge wheels and it looks great sitting in your driveway or at a spotlight, but turning your truck into a real off- roading behemoth might mean installing aftermarket parts that can make the difference between flat tires, broken axles, and poor steering performance in the places where you’ll need it most.

For many of your improvements you can find used truck parts or used 4×4 parts to repair or enhance your off-roading experience. Here are just a few of the upgrades you might want to tackle Colorado’s great outdoors.

Where the

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