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Tackle the Road Less Traveled – Turn Your Truck into a Real Off-road Vehicle

So, your first step in tackling the miles of barely driven paths in Colorado may have been purchasing that truck, jeep, or SUV you’ve always wanted. It might have huge wheels and it looks great sitting in your driveway or at a spotlight, but turning your truck into a real off- roading behemoth might mean installing aftermarket parts that can make the difference between flat tires, broken axles, and poor steering performance in the places where you’ll need it most.

For many of your improvements you can find used truck parts or used 4×4 parts to repair or enhance your off-roading experience. Here are just a few of the upgrades you might want to tackle Colorado’s great outdoors.

Where the

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When Should You Buy a New Car?

Keeping a 4×4 for a long time can be a great way to save money. Sure a new car is always a nice thing to have, but with monthly payments it can be a nuisance and hard on your bank account. However, there comes a time in every vehicle’s life where it costs too much to maintain and it may actually be more cost effective and a better investment to buy a new one. But when is the appropriate time to do so, and what signs do you need to be aware of to make the switch?

black and white 4x4 TruckCost of Repair

One of the most obvious ways to tell if your vehicle should be replaced is if the cost of repair … Read More

Purchasing Used Aftermarket Parts – What You Should Know

Land Rover Defender Td5Adding on 4 wheel parts and 4×4 accessories to your vehicle can be necessary for a wide range of offroad applications. With all of the available truck parts on the market, the price tag can rack up quickly so many resort to purchasing used aftermarket parts. Buying these parts can be great way to save money, however there a few things to look for when buying a second hand item.

When possible, always try to buy from a reputable 4 Wheel Parts shop. Buying from individuals (on Craigslist for example) can be risky because they don’t have a reputation to uphold and only care about making a quick buck. Utilizing a shop that specializes in offroad or aftermarket equipment will … Read More