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Colorado 4×4 Trails – Boulder County

To the outdoor enthusiast, it’s no wonder that the Boulder area is talked about with such reverence. The jagged outline of the Flatirons, the winding canyons, and the rugged forests are enough to knock the wind out of your lungs. Sometimes literally. The off-road recreation is no exception. Just be sure to take your vehicle to a certified 4×4 mechanic for a tune up before heading off to explore these trails!

Middle Saint Vrain

  • Skill Level: Challenging
  • Trail Length: 8.4 miles
  • Nearest Town: Nederland
  • Elevation: 8,600 to 9,800 feet

If you’re looking to challenge your off-road skills while catching some serious views, consider heading to the Middle Saint Vrain and Coney Creek trails. Deep-water crossings and … Read More

Find the Right Part for the Right Terrain – Your Only Stop for 4×4 Parts and Accessories

Building or maintaining the perfect off-road vehicle can take time. The process often involves selecting aftermarket parts to make the drive-train, chassis, and tires meet the needs of Colorado’s most rugged terrain. Thankfully, finding your auto parts in Fort Collins is a snap at the 4×4 Off-Road Network, with top-of-the-line 4×4 parts and a reliable auto shop. Fort Collins can be your headquarters for taking your off-roading dreams to the next level.

Used or Aftermarket? – Designing Your Off-Road Experience

terrain back of 4x4

CC Image courtesy of Andrew Macpherson via Flickr.

Your truck or SUV might feature four-wheel-drive, but is it ready for off-roading? Probably not. There are a number of enhancements you can make to your vehicle to get it ready for … Read More

Winter Roads

All About Transfer Cases

Those who are looking to get the most out of their offroad experience should learn about the components of their vehicle, so they can know which parts will benefit them most to upgrade and maintain. It’s a good idea for any offroad enthusiast to know the in and outs of the auto parts that run their vehicle, and one of the most important components to a proper 4×4 is the transfer case. The transfer case is one of the most important pieces to operating the 4 wheel drive system, and this article will give a description as to how it works in a 4×4 vehicle, and why it is an important component to making an offroad vehicle work properly.

A … Read More

What exactly is ABS? Is it Necessary?

In today’s auto manufacturing world, all vehicles come standard with ABS. However, some older vehicles were never made available with ABS or are starting to have their ABS systems fail. A lot of older model offroad vehicles with ABS are starting to have their systems fail and it can be costly to fix which has posed the question by many, “is it necessary to even have ABS?”

Front BumperABS, short for Anti-lock Breaking System, is a system developed by auto manufacturers to help aid drivers stop efficiently in low-traction situations. It is especially useful for drivers who live in areas of snow and ice. It is essentially a computer in your vehicle that is programmed to release and apply the brakes … Read More

How to Protect Your Vehicle from Theft

4x4 Dirt RoadUnfortunately theft can be a pretty common problem amongst vehicles, especially in urban areas. With all of the money you’ve likely invested in your offroad rig, chances are you aren’t looking to get your 4 wheel parts stolen any time soon. Use these tips to help deter or prevent burglars from stealing either your vehicle, or stuff in your vehicle.

  • Try to always park somewhere safe – This goes without saying, but you would be surprised how many common mistakes people make when deciding to park their vehicle. Having your own private garage is obviously the best option, but if you have to park out in public or don’t have a private garage at your disposal, look for well-lit areas
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Inspect a Vehicle After Flooding: To Salvage or Claim?

As a result of all the recent flooding in Colorado, many automobiles and off-road vehicles have been exposed to large amounts of water and potential flooding. To see if your car is salvageable, totaled, or just has minor damage, use these tips to determine whether or not it will be more cost effective to save it, or scrap it.

Park Bench Flood

Image Courtesy of FDP

First you should call your insurance company to see if the vehicle is covered against flood damage and if they provide towing and/or rental car services. What you should also do at this time is bring your car to an auto service center or your 4×4 mechanic for a full inspection. They’ll be able to accurately provide … Read More

How to Prevent Automotive Rust

4x4 JeepWith winter coming up, your 4×4 vehicles and cars are more vulnerable to rust as opposed to any time of year. Rust can wear down parts quicker and ruin the finish to your body’s paint, which can lead to costly repairs. We recommend following these simple steps to help reduce the risk of getting rust.

  • Wash your car regularly – Salt on the roads and mud caked on your vehicle from going offroad can lead to rust. Make sure to wash not only the paint, but the undercarriage of the car as well and some parts of the engine bay if necessary. Apply a regular coat of wax to help protect the clear coat.
  • Get a full inspection from your
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How to Use a Winch

Adding on a winch to your off-road vehicle is one of the best 4×4 accessories money can buy. It’s extremely useful for getting your 4×4 out of mud, sand or anywhere else your vehicle can be stuck, and they’re not ridiculously expensive. Once you’ve installed a winch onto your vehicle, it’s important to know how to use it properly. Before using the winch, make sure it’s properly mounted onto the front of your aftermarket bumper. If you don’t know how to install aftermarket parts correctly, visit your local 4×4 mechanic.

WinchStep 1: Safety

Safety is a very important element here. Thick wired cable and tension can be a deadly combination, so make sure to take the necessary steps to have … Read More

End of the Recession for the Auto Industry?

Auto sales in the new car industry have been at their highest in over six years, which is great news as this may show signs of the recession being a thing of the past. With new car sales increasing to 17% and 1.5 million sales in August, signs are very promising, which make us ask “What’s next for the aftermarket parts and 4×4 accessories market?”

Front Bumper CarWith the recent trends in the auto business showing such good signs, chances are 4×4 enthusiasts will start investing in more into their offroad vehicles and spend more time participating in related activities.  We hope that results of these actions will help make the offroad community grow and become more popular.

According to an interview … Read More

DIY Headlight Restoration

Clean HeadlightsWe’ve all seen it or experienced it – clouded, hazy headlights that look downright hideous on your offroad vehicle.  The yellow, foggy build-up on your headlights is caused by prolonged exposure to the sun, air pollution, moisture, dirt and other environmental contaminants. Fortunately, this gunk on your headlights is usually on the exterior and can be removed with a few simple materials and steps. If you follow these simple steps, you can remove all of the haze and get your headlights to shine bright in no time, and you don’t need a boatload of auto parts to get the job done.

  • The first step is to wash your headlights thoroughly with a degreasing agent such as a professional lens cleaning
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