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Always be prepared. A Jeep towing another Jeep out of a gully.

Top 10 Things To Keep in Your Off-Road Kit

When you’re traversing the wild open country, miles away from your favorite Fort Collins auto repair shop, things can sometimes happen that you don’t expect. Flat tires, engine trouble, bad weather, and many other crazy things can catch you off guard, especially if you’re new to the off-road life. While it’s always a good idea to have your truck parts thoroughly inspected before hitting the trails, there are a handful of things you should always carry with you in case of trouble. With the right tools and preparedness, you can keep those annoyances from turning into disaster scenarios.

Every driver is probably aware of the basics they should have in their “emergency car kit”: extra food/water, emergency blankets, flashlight, booster … Read More


Colorado 4×4 Trails- Routt County

The soaring mountains and lush valleys of the Steamboat Springs area are truly the stuff of legend, and while this paradise is tucked far up in the Northwest corner of the state, the views alone make the drive worthwhile. Luckily, there are several spectacular off-road adventures to be had with river crossings, hill climbs, and playgrounds aplenty. So pack up, get your truck checked by your local 4×4 service center, and make a weekend of it!

Here are four of the most popular 4-wheel trails in the Routt County area, and while they generally garner less challenging ratings, the vistas and elevation are sure to please beginners and veterans alike.

Deep Creek

  • Skill Level: Easy-moderate
  • Trail Length: 3.2
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The Importance Of The End-Of-Season Checkup

It can be hard sometimes to admit that the season is coming to a close. After all, the wild weather patterns in Colorado can sometimes make it seem like it’s never going to end. But even if you’re able to squeeze in another off-road run or two before the snow hits, don’t forget to make an appointment with your local Fort Collins auto shop for your end-of-season service.

Your vehicle has no doubt seen some great trail action over the summer, with all the amazing trails and playgrounds that this area has to offer. Unfortunately, with all that fun comes the risk of damage and wear on your off-road parts, and those should be checked and replaced often. Plus, it’s … Read More

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Considerations When Lifting Your Truck

Yes, a big ol’ lifted rig looks pretty rugged, but are looks everything? Well, to some, yes. Many see the epitome of offroading in a big lifted truck or Jeep. And who doesn’t think, “Wow!” when they pass by that big, muddy truck with the 4-wheel parts in a parking lot? But really, the look is such a small part of why lifting a truck is important.

And is there more to it than raising it up and putting on a gigantic set of tires? You should probably know what you’re getting into before you even loosen one lug nut. Let’s look at why we lift in the first place before we begin buying offroad parts to get the job … Read More

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How to Maintain Your 4X4 Truck

A 4×4 truck can be a lot of fun – especially when it comes to offroading on those particularly muddy trails! But, you have to take care of your truck, too, or it won’t last as long as you’d like it to. We’ve found that a lot of truck owners don’t know how to properly maintain a truck, so we’ve listed some tips here for you to follow – enjoy!

  1. Prevent rust: rust can be a truck owner’s worst nightmare. But, you can prevent rust from forming by simply applying an oil treatment to your truck’s various parts (on the body, not on the inside). A treatment should be applied once or twice per year to really work well,
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Top Inexpensive Off Road Vehicles

It’s hard to find a good off-road truck that doesn’t cost a fortune. If you can’t afford a Hummer, there are some other options out there that aren’t as expensive! Since we’re in the business of selling truck parts, we have seen a lot of different makes and models, and we know a thing or two about which trucks last the longest (and are the least expensive). Take a look at our list of top inexpensive off-road vehicles, and be sure to contact us if you need any truck parts.

  1. Jeep Wrangler: is there a more iconic off-road truck than the Jeep Wrangler? This truck doesn’t just look amazing, it performs well too. You’ll get a 3.6-liter V6 engine;
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5 Things You Need to Know About Turning a 4×4 into an Off-Road 4×4

You remember the feeling: picking out that gleaming pickup truck or SUV in the lot and imagining what it would look like caked in mud. Your dream of owning a 4-wheel drive vehicle has been realized, but now there are just a few things you need to know about taking your vehicle to the next level. Chances are, your 4×4 is designed to navigate the asphalt jungle, not the dirt trails and rocky paths of Colorado’s great outdoors. In order turn that truck, Jeep, or sport utility vehicle into a real off-roader, you may need to add 4 wheel parts and off-road parts that can help you conquer the roughest road you can find. Then, you’ll need 4×4 service that … Read More

Before Selling Your Car, Remove These Modifications

As 4×4 and offroad enthusiasts, adding aftermarket 4×4 parts and installing offroad parts is essential to providing you with a positive offroad experience. There are many parts and components that are not only desirable, but necessary for hitting the trail that are simply just not offered on a stock vehicle. Plus, it’s fun and exciting to add new aftermarket 4×4 parts due to the fact that you’re creating a custom vehicle that is unique to you and separates yourself from the rest of the crowd. However there may be a day when it’s time to sell your vehicle, and some aftermarket accessories may actually hurt the value of your 4×4, or make it less desirable to potential buyers. If you’re … Read More