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A lot of people off-roading.

5 Tips For Beating The Off-Road Crowds

Spring is rapidly approaching and you can feel the anticipation building for the upcoming off-road season–everyone is polishing up their Jeeps, saving up a bit of gas money, and heading into their nearest 4×4 service centers for some last minute mods. Unfortunately, all that excitement can result in some seriously crowded trails, especially during the first few weeks of warm weather, which can put a damper on your fun. So this year, after having your rig checked from head to toe at your local Fort Collins auto shop, make sure you consider these next few tips for a less stressful start to the season!

There’s no reason to hassle with crowds when all you want is some peace and quiet … Read More

Toyota 4-wheeling in Colorado.

Colorado 4×4 Trails- Lake County

We all know that the weather in Colorado can be moody. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to stay inside! January and February have seen their fair share of sunny warm days, so it may be a great time to clean up your off-road rig and hit the trails. The gorgeous sweeping views of Lake County, home of Leadville, will inspire you while its many creeks and outcroppings will give your 4-wheel parts a good challenge.

Just be sure to double check road conditions prior to heading out (some trails may be closed due to snow) and stop by your local Fort Collins auto shop for a quick tune-up before any pre-season excursions. It’s also a great time … Read More

Brett Levin

The Importance Of The End-Of-Season Checkup

It can be hard sometimes to admit that the season is coming to a close. After all, the wild weather patterns in Colorado can sometimes make it seem like it’s never going to end. But even if you’re able to squeeze in another off-road run or two before the snow hits, don’t forget to make an appointment with your local Fort Collins auto shop for your end-of-season service.

Your vehicle has no doubt seen some great trail action over the summer, with all the amazing trails and playgrounds that this area has to offer. Unfortunately, with all that fun comes the risk of damage and wear on your off-road parts, and those should be checked and replaced often. Plus, it’s … Read More

Six Warning Lights You Should Know About in Your Vehicle

Offroad vehicles, daily drivers, family sedans and sport cars all have one thing incommon: they have warning lights. These warning lights are placed conveniently on the dash of most automobiles to help warn the driver that there is a potential problem. Most modern cars will be fitted with a variety of warning lights to inform the driver when specific problems occur. It’s very important to pay attention to these lights and have the problem solved quickly by your 4×4 mechanic, as the problem could potentially get worse if not taken care of. Unfortunately, not a lot of people understand what warning lights indicate, so this article will touch up on the 5 mot commonly seen warning light indicators, and what … Read More

Summer Car Preparation Tips

Summer is just around the corner and with all of this warm weather coming up, it’s time to prep those 4 wheel parts and get your offroad vehicle in tip-top shape. Fortunately there are steps you can take to prepare your vehicle to run its best and extend the life.

The best preventative care you can do to your vehicle is to bring it in to your local Fort Collins Auto Shop, 4×4 Offroad Network or any other trust-worthy mechanic if you’re not in the Northern Colorado area. They will diagnose your vehicle and give recommendations on what’s best for it. Before going into any shop though, it’s a good idea to have general knowledge on what maintenance is best … Read More