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Two trucks offroading in the snow.

Snow-Wheeling? Here’s How To Stay Safe!

The mountains of Colorado are no strangers to heavy snowfall: between October and April those fluffy white flakes are fair game and can sometimes keep even seasoned off-roaders stuck inside. But if you willing to play it safe, winter can be a great time to explore the 4×4 trails in the area and can offer a totally different perspective and different set of challenges for you to conquer. If you’ve never snow-wheeled before, be extra sure to follow these tips and chat with a mechanic at your Fort Collins auto repair shop before making the trip out. You may also want to research some used truck parts that can help you withstand the weather without draining your bank account–components take … Read More

Always be prepared. A Jeep towing another Jeep out of a gully.

Top 10 Things To Keep in Your Off-Road Kit

When you’re traversing the wild open country, miles away from your favorite Fort Collins auto repair shop, things can sometimes happen that you don’t expect. Flat tires, engine trouble, bad weather, and many other crazy things can catch you off guard, especially if you’re new to the off-road life. While it’s always a good idea to have your truck parts thoroughly inspected before hitting the trails, there are a handful of things you should always carry with you in case of trouble. With the right tools and preparedness, you can keep those annoyances from turning into disaster scenarios.

Every driver is probably aware of the basics they should have in their “emergency car kit”: extra food/water, emergency blankets, flashlight, booster … Read More


The Right Auto Repair Will Get You Back On The Road

Don’t ignore that rattle in your car or truck any longer. Easily preventable issues can lead to major vehicle problems. Your mechanic can help you get back on the road with skilled service and competitive prices. The 4×4 Off Road Network is not just your place for the best aftermarket 4-wheel sporting parts; their auto service center offers maintenance and repair service for all vehicles, with specialized care offered for 4×4 vehicles that are hard to find from your usual mechanic. Fort Collins off-roaders can trust the parts and service because they come with warranties that ensure smooth rides, and not-so-smooth rides.

Regular Maintenance for All Vehicles

Every car and truck requires routine maintenance to stay on the road. This … Read More