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Mechanic doing paperwork in a shop.

Why Your Off-Road Rig Deserves An Off-Road Mechanic

To a seasoned off-roader, the choice of auto service center is one of the utmost importance: taking good care of their rig ensures they can continue enjoying the sport they love. And while some people think that any ol’ mechanic will do, most know that taking time to investigate and select just the right one is worth the effort. While many local mechanics in Fort Collins might be able to perform basic maintenance, if you have a custom truck and are serious about hitting the trails, look for a shop that specializes in off-road and 4×4 work.

It’s kind of like shopping for a doctor: you want one that you get along with, one who speaks your language, and one … Read More


Choosing Used Truck Parts Has Its Perks

When the time comes around to replace or upgrade your car’s components, it’s easy to get stuck in the rut of one-click package-new purchasing. And while this may have the advantage of instant gratification, it often comes with the disadvantages of higher prices and a smaller selection. Some people shy away from the idea of buying used car parts, saying they are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with putting an already-worn piece into their reliable rig. But used parts are an incredibly smart option, especially if you get them at a licensed auto parts store and have them installed by a professional mechanic. It’s not all sketchy stories and worn-down components in the world of used truck parts: here are just a … Read More

2015 Toyota Tundra TRD

Follow the Excitement of the 2014 SEMA Show

Car geeks and auto technology aficionados are already gearing up for this year’s SEMA show, held from November 4-7 in glitzy Las Vegas, Nevada. This trade-only event is where the latest and greatest specialty automotive products come out to shine. The “truck, SUV, and off-road” section alone boasts almost 100 different exhibitors, ready to dazzle you with the newest gadgets and gear. Aftermarket parts of all shapes, sizes, and functions will be on display and eagerly awaiting the press exposure. They have everything you’d ever want to know about suspension, armor, towing, tires, and performance boosters…and that is only the tip of the iceberg at the SEMA show.

Juicy rumors are already flying about the latest concept cars and aftermarket … Read More


The Right Auto Repair Will Get You Back On The Road

Don’t ignore that rattle in your car or truck any longer. Easily preventable issues can lead to major vehicle problems. Your mechanic can help you get back on the road with skilled service and competitive prices. The 4×4 Off Road Network is not just your place for the best aftermarket 4-wheel sporting parts; their auto service center offers maintenance and repair service for all vehicles, with specialized care offered for 4×4 vehicles that are hard to find from your usual mechanic. Fort Collins off-roaders can trust the parts and service because they come with warranties that ensure smooth rides, and not-so-smooth rides.

Regular Maintenance for All Vehicles

Every car and truck requires routine maintenance to stay on the road. This … Read More

Winter Preparation Tips

With winter just around the corner, it’s important to start taking additional care of your vehicle in order to properly prepare for the ice and snow. Taking these simple steps can help make your winter driving experience more pleasant.

  • 741035_28096706Check your battery: Keep the battery connections clean, tight and corrosion-free. Cold weather is very harsh on batteries, so it’s important to check the battery and if you don’t have a way to test it, most auto service centers will have a way to check it for you. If your battery is more than three years old, it may be time to replace it.
  • HVAC system and wiper blades: These are all important tools in snow removal and visibility in the
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What exactly is ABS? Is it Necessary?

In today’s auto manufacturing world, all vehicles come standard with ABS. However, some older vehicles were never made available with ABS or are starting to have their ABS systems fail. A lot of older model offroad vehicles with ABS are starting to have their systems fail and it can be costly to fix which has posed the question by many, “is it necessary to even have ABS?”

Front BumperABS, short for Anti-lock Breaking System, is a system developed by auto manufacturers to help aid drivers stop efficiently in low-traction situations. It is especially useful for drivers who live in areas of snow and ice. It is essentially a computer in your vehicle that is programmed to release and apply the brakes … Read More

Inspect a Vehicle After Flooding: To Salvage or Claim?

As a result of all the recent flooding in Colorado, many automobiles and off-road vehicles have been exposed to large amounts of water and potential flooding. To see if your car is salvageable, totaled, or just has minor damage, use these tips to determine whether or not it will be more cost effective to save it, or scrap it.

Park Bench Flood

Image Courtesy of FDP

First you should call your insurance company to see if the vehicle is covered against flood damage and if they provide towing and/or rental car services. What you should also do at this time is bring your car to an auto service center or your 4×4 mechanic for a full inspection. They’ll be able to accurately provide … Read More

How to Prevent Automotive Rust

4x4 JeepWith winter coming up, your 4×4 vehicles and cars are more vulnerable to rust as opposed to any time of year. Rust can wear down parts quicker and ruin the finish to your body’s paint, which can lead to costly repairs. We recommend following these simple steps to help reduce the risk of getting rust.

  • Wash your car regularly – Salt on the roads and mud caked on your vehicle from going offroad can lead to rust. Make sure to wash not only the paint, but the undercarriage of the car as well and some parts of the engine bay if necessary. Apply a regular coat of wax to help protect the clear coat.
  • Get a full inspection from your
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When Should You Buy a New Car?

Keeping a 4×4 for a long time can be a great way to save money. Sure a new car is always a nice thing to have, but with monthly payments it can be a nuisance and hard on your bank account. However, there comes a time in every vehicle’s life where it costs too much to maintain and it may actually be more cost effective and a better investment to buy a new one. But when is the appropriate time to do so, and what signs do you need to be aware of to make the switch?

black and white 4x4 TruckCost of Repair

One of the most obvious ways to tell if your vehicle should be replaced is if the cost of repair … Read More

Taking Care of Your Paint

As all auto enthusiasts know, taking care of your vehicle is one of the best investments you can make. Regular maintenance at your 4×4 mechanic and auto service center can help extend the life of your vehicle and eventually save you money in the long run.

Jeeps of 4x4 off roadOne of the best investments you can make in your vehicle upkeep is to take care of the paint. As offroad enthusiasts our vehicles are constantly getting mud and dirt caked onto the paint. If not washed regularly, the dirt can eat away at the clear coat eventually causing it to peel, ruin the paint and rust. With that said, the best way to keep care of your paint is to wash your vehicle … Read More