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Should You Choose a SUV or CUV?

Should You Choose a SUV or CUV?

The term ‘CUV’ has been tossed around a lot lately, and some people are even using this term interchangeably. But, there’s a fundamental difference between a SUV and CUV, and knowing this difference will help you decide which type of car to buy.

SUV Status

A SUV is closer to an off-road vehicle. SUVs tend to have a two-speed transfer option, and come with four-wheel drive. There are no shortage of SUVs on the market, though some are better built for off-roading than others. You’ll want to look for an option that has the most ground clearance if you plan to go off-roading, and some SUVs don’t offer a great ground clearance option. If you are aware that all SUVs … Read More

A lot of people off-roading.

5 Tips For Beating The Off-Road Crowds

Spring is rapidly approaching and you can feel the anticipation building for the upcoming off-road season–everyone is polishing up their Jeeps, saving up a bit of gas money, and heading into their nearest 4×4 service centers for some last minute mods. Unfortunately, all that excitement can result in some seriously crowded trails, especially during the first few weeks of warm weather, which can put a damper on your fun. So this year, after having your rig checked from head to toe at your local Fort Collins auto shop, make sure you consider these next few tips for a less stressful start to the season!

There’s no reason to hassle with crowds when all you want is some peace and quiet … Read More

A Jeep Wrangler in the snow.

3 Steps To Deal With Wild Weather

If we could all agree on one thing that is true of Colorado, it would be that we have some of the most variable weather in the nation. One day it’s sunny and 60 degrees, and it will dump 6 inches of freezing snow the next. But the locals know how to cope: dress in layers, always be prepared, and take good care of the vehicle that gets you around! Regardless of the time of year, 4×4 service centers are busy helping us keep our trucks in tip-top shape, no matter what Mother Nature throws our way.

Most of us are comfortable with the basics of all-weather car care: the best snow scrapers, the right wax to use, even a … Read More

A yellow truck crossing a river off-road 4-wheeling.

Colorado 4×4 Trails: San Juan County

Situated just southeast of Telluride, the county of San Juan is one of the least populous in the state, making it the ideal destination when all you want to see is the wide open wilderness. Snow-capped peaks loom over nearly every horizon, and the paths are littered with robust trees and a menagerie of wildlife, worlds away from any 4×4 service center. But don’t let the isolation steer you away: this slice of the state plays host to some of the best views, toughest climbs, and exhilarating creek crossings. Just be sure to check in with your mechanic in Fort Collins before making this epic southwest journey, and pack all the necessary gear for both off-road driving and survival. You … Read More

Wall of tires. Tire wall texture.

Top Tires For Your Rock Crawler- Part I

It’s been a long day. You’ve traversed the unbeaten paths since dawn to find the perfect forest trail. Eaten beef jerky out of a plastic bag. Lost cell service twice. Weaved your vehicle through switchbacks, mud traps, and crossed a river, and now you find yourself facing a rocky outcropping of the most beautiful-but-tough boulders you’ve ever laid eyes on. As if the heavens had emptied their bag of giant granite marbles directly in your path, scattered them about like a sadistic obstacle course. And you’re not sure if your 4-wheel parts can even handle the traverse, especially your tires.

You’ve recently upgraded your suspension, added an even bigger lift, replaced your filters, and threw in a handful of shiny … Read More


Colorado 4×4 Trails- Routt County

The soaring mountains and lush valleys of the Steamboat Springs area are truly the stuff of legend, and while this paradise is tucked far up in the Northwest corner of the state, the views alone make the drive worthwhile. Luckily, there are several spectacular off-road adventures to be had with river crossings, hill climbs, and playgrounds aplenty. So pack up, get your truck checked by your local 4×4 service center, and make a weekend of it!

Here are four of the most popular 4-wheel trails in the Routt County area, and while they generally garner less challenging ratings, the vistas and elevation are sure to please beginners and veterans alike.

Deep Creek

  • Skill Level: Easy-moderate
  • Trail Length: 3.2
Read More
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5 Things You Need to Know About Turning a 4×4 into an Off-Road 4×4

You remember the feeling: picking out that gleaming pickup truck or SUV in the lot and imagining what it would look like caked in mud. Your dream of owning a 4-wheel drive vehicle has been realized, but now there are just a few things you need to know about taking your vehicle to the next level. Chances are, your 4×4 is designed to navigate the asphalt jungle, not the dirt trails and rocky paths of Colorado’s great outdoors. In order turn that truck, Jeep, or sport utility vehicle into a real off-roader, you may need to add 4 wheel parts and off-road parts that can help you conquer the roughest road you can find. Then, you’ll need 4×4 service that … Read More

Fort Collins Auto Repair Shop

Specializing in auto repair and maintenance, 4×4 Offroad Network in Fort Collins offers some of the best in 4×4 service and general care for all vehicles. Whether you have a vehicle simply to get you from A to B, or a hardcore offroad rig, 4×4 Offroad Network will be able to satisfy all of your general car care needs and provide you with the best auto repair in Fort Collins. No matter what kind of car, truck or SUV you may have, regular maintenance is extremely important when it comes to the care of your vehicle. The 4X4 Offroad service center team happily provides repairs and car care to any make and model vehicle and conducts basic maintenance, including oil … Read More

How to Save Money on Auto Repair ExpensesHow to Save Money on Auto Repair Expenses

Jar of PenniesAuto repair expenses, whether their planned or unplanned, are never a fun way to spend your money. If you need to bring your car in to an auto service center or 4×4 mechanic, consider these ten tips to try and save the most money possible.

  • Compare shops. Once you have received a quote from one shop, compare the price at others. Some 4×4 mechanics may charge significantly more than others, so it’s always good to do your research. Make sure the shop you choose though is reputable and well established.
  • Get a second opinion. If you’re not sure that what has been diagnosed your vehicle, it may not be a bad idea to get a second opinion. Bring it into
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Colorado 4×4 Trails: Boulder County

We’ve already shared with you some of our favorite offroad trails in Larimer County, now it’s time to give you some tips on where you can take your 4×4 in Boulder.  We recommend these hot spots if you’re looking at doing some exploring with your rig.

4x4 Dirt Road1) Middle Saint Vrain

Skill Level: Moderate – Difficult

Length: 8.5 Miles

Average Duration: 3.5 Hours

Description: The Middle Saint Vrain trail is a challenging 4×4 route located near the Indian Peaks Wilderness. This trail has big rocks and deep creek crossings, so a high clearance vehicle is necessary. For anyone looking to explore some of Colorado’s beautiful scenery on the base of the mountains, this is a must visit.

2) Left Hand CanyonRead More