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2015 Dodge Ram 1500 Rebel - 4x4 Offroad Network Blog

Meet The New Dodge Ram 1500 Rebel

Car show season is well underway, the red carpets already sporting the marks of several well-loved events. This year has already played host to unprecedented technological and stylistic advancements, and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the season will bring. Simply ask any mechanic in Fort Collins — you’ll be sure to find one whose eyes will light up just talking about the newest 4×4 parts and trucks that have hit the auto shows already.

Many of the major car manufacturers have cranked up the bass this year on their off-road-capable vehicles, squeezing even more muscle into the trucks and SUVs that have their sights set on the mountain trails. American staples like Ford and Jeep have … Read More

A truck driving on an icy road.

Navigating Icy Conditions With Ease

Real Coloradans are used to the crazy weather that this state can throw our way; it’ll be sunny and dry one minute and blowing snow the next. Even the off-road shops here are outfitted with a different set of 4×4 parts and accessories to help drivers cope with the mercurial conditions. As we officially settle into mid-winter, it can be tempting to carry on with your usual road handling despite the potentially dangerous conditions. But beware: most accidents during inclement weather are caused by overconfidence on the part of the driver. Feeling invincible, or placing too much trust in your truck’s technologies, can seriously undermine what should be a sensible and safe approach to the Colorado roads.

Many seasoned off-road … Read More


Choosing Used Truck Parts Has Its Perks

When the time comes around to replace or upgrade your car’s components, it’s easy to get stuck in the rut of one-click package-new purchasing. And while this may have the advantage of instant gratification, it often comes with the disadvantages of higher prices and a smaller selection. Some people shy away from the idea of buying used car parts, saying they are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with putting an already-worn piece into their reliable rig. But used parts are an incredibly smart option, especially if you get them at a licensed auto parts store and have them installed by a professional mechanic. It’s not all sketchy stories and worn-down components in the world of used truck parts: here are just a … Read More

Nick Taylor

Explore the Real Colorado with Your Truck

Many of the best places in Colorado are unseen from the miles of rolling blacktop. In order to visit, you’ll need the right equipment. If you’re thinking about turning your SUV, Jeep, or truck into more than just a great hauling snow plow, then you’ll need the right 4×4 parts. Truck parts should always be installed by a professional, and feature guaranteed service that can ensure that you’ll be ready to tackle any trail. The aftermarket 4×4 parts available at the 4×4 Off Road Network include dozens of the top brands to boost your vehicles trail performance.

Conquering the Mountain – Ins and Outs of Colorado 4-wheeling

There are several trails that you’ll find from Fort Collins after a short … Read More

Colorado 4×4 Trails – Teller County

Teller County is located just within the city limits of Colorado Springs, and is a fantastic place to go explore some trails and do a little off-roading. Before embarking on any 4×4 adventure, just make sure you receive the proper 4×4 service first, and go to a reputable 4×4 mechanic to make sure your vehicle is in the appropriate shape.

1) Bull Park

Skill Level: Medium
Trail Length: 6 Miles
Nearby Towns: Colorado Springs
Elevation: 9,500 to 11,400 feet

Bull Park is a medium-level trail that offers some challenges to the offroad enthusiast looking to step up their game. This is a very well-rounded trail that has some steep climbs, rocky paths, boulders to climb and water crossings to participate … Read More

Colorado 4×4 Trails – Eagle County

Vail, Eagle and Edwards are just a few cities you’ll find here in Eagle County. Besides popular ski resorts and mountain towns, you’ll find some beautiful, scenic and challenging 4×4 trails to explore with your vehicle. If you’re looking to do some offroad adventuring in Eagle County, you may want to consider some of these prime offroad trails.

1. Adams Lake


Skill Level: Medium
Trail Length: 17 miles
Nearby Towns: Eagle
Elevation: 10,400 to 11,200 feet

Adams Lake is a challenging yet scenic trail located in the White River National Forest. The lake itself is breathtakingly beautiful and worth the trip there. You’ll first start at the end of the Coffee Pot Road Trail located at Heart Lake. The trail … Read More


Colorado 4×4 Trails: Mesa County

Located surrounding the Grand Junction area and bordering the state of Utah, Mesa County has a wide range of 4×4 trails to explore. We recommend any offroad enthusiast in the are to check out these trails.

21 Road Trail

Skill Level: Extremely Difficult

Trail Length: 1.6 miles

Nearby Towns: Grand Junction

Elevation: 5,670 to 5,700 feet

Due to the huge boulders and obstacles that are present, this trail should only be attempted by the serious offroad enthusiast equipped with the proper 4×4 parts. It’s an extreme trail with large obstacles, although some obstacles have some bypasses making it easier should you choose to take that route. The trail starts out with a medium difficulty, and progresses to extremely difficult.

21 … Read More

How to Protect Your Vehicle from Theft

4x4 Dirt RoadUnfortunately theft can be a pretty common problem amongst vehicles, especially in urban areas. With all of the money you’ve likely invested in your offroad rig, chances are you aren’t looking to get your 4 wheel parts stolen any time soon. Use these tips to help deter or prevent burglars from stealing either your vehicle, or stuff in your vehicle.

  • Try to always park somewhere safe – This goes without saying, but you would be surprised how many common mistakes people make when deciding to park their vehicle. Having your own private garage is obviously the best option, but if you have to park out in public or don’t have a private garage at your disposal, look for well-lit areas
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