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Accessories for your 4×4 offroad vehicle

A truck on the mountains.

Colorado 4×4 Trails: San Miguel County

Tucked deep into the southwestern Colorado wilderness is a wondrous high-elevation playground that plays host to some of the best off road trails in the area. Scattered around the quaint mountain resort town of Telluride are some of the most breathtaking views and challenging obstacles sure to make the guys at your home off road shops go green with envy. And while they’re miles away from any place for auto repair in Fort Collins, the mountains of San Miguel county are sure to win a place in your heart forever, so be sure to schedule at least a full weekend getaway to enjoy them all.

Since the region’s trails cater more towards the intermediate and advanced driver, make sure you … Read More

2015 Dodge Ram 1500 Rebel - 4x4 Offroad Network Blog

Meet The New Dodge Ram 1500 Rebel

Car show season is well underway, the red carpets already sporting the marks of several well-loved events. This year has already played host to unprecedented technological and stylistic advancements, and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the season will bring. Simply ask any mechanic in Fort Collins — you’ll be sure to find one whose eyes will light up just talking about the newest 4×4 parts and trucks that have hit the auto shows already.

Many of the major car manufacturers have cranked up the bass this year on their off-road-capable vehicles, squeezing even more muscle into the trucks and SUVs that have their sights set on the mountain trails. American staples like Ford and Jeep have … Read More

Land Rover 110 Series Offroad

Do Luxury SUVs Belong Off Road?

While much remains in common with off-road vehicles, there is still much debate about the exact combination of specs that creates an ideal one. Some enthusiasts have incredibly strong opinions on the matter, citing the ruggedness of the 4-wheel parts nestled away under the hoods of their own make and model. Others will go even further, scoffing at the notion of taking a luxury car out on the trail, in all its heated leather seated glory. The debate begs the question: do the SUVs in the “luxury” class really have the off road parts it takes to play with the big boys?

It depends on who you ask. Many trail runners are loyal to certain brands with a legacy of … Read More

Car Care Tips for Your Next Summer Road Trip

Summer is all about going on road trips and traveling long distances in your car, truck or SUV. It’s the best time to see the sights, explore new areas and spend some time with the family. But with any road trip, it’s important to be prepared, and it’s even more so important in summer when temperatures can get high causing problems for you and your vehicle. Because of the high summer heat, vehicles are more prone to overheating so it’s important to take the time to put some additional care into them to ensure they run properly. The last thing you or family wants is to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, or on the side of the road … Read More

Six Conveniences Every 4×4 Should Have

Toyota 4Runner

CC Image courtesy of millerm217 via Flickr

To the offroad enthusiast, having the proper 4×4 is a must, and they become a huge part of our way of life. To make the ride more enjoyable, people will spend a lot of money at offroad shops modifying their vehicle and adding additional 4 wheel parts and other 4×4 accessories to their rig. As technology advances, auto manufacturers are adding more and more features to vehicles that used to be considered luxuries, but we see them now as almost being necessities for a more enjoyable ride. These six conveniences we believe every car, truck and SUV should have come standard.

1. Standard 115V outlet

Lets face it, technology and electronics have dramatically … Read More

Fort Collins Auto Repair Shop

Specializing in auto repair and maintenance, 4×4 Offroad Network in Fort Collins offers some of the best in 4×4 service and general care for all vehicles. Whether you have a vehicle simply to get you from A to B, or a hardcore offroad rig, 4×4 Offroad Network will be able to satisfy all of your general car care needs and provide you with the best auto repair in Fort Collins. No matter what kind of car, truck or SUV you may have, regular maintenance is extremely important when it comes to the care of your vehicle. The 4X4 Offroad service center team happily provides repairs and car care to any make and model vehicle and conducts basic maintenance, including oil … Read More

What exactly is ABS? Is it Necessary?

In today’s auto manufacturing world, all vehicles come standard with ABS. However, some older vehicles were never made available with ABS or are starting to have their ABS systems fail. A lot of older model offroad vehicles with ABS are starting to have their systems fail and it can be costly to fix which has posed the question by many, “is it necessary to even have ABS?”

Front BumperABS, short for Anti-lock Breaking System, is a system developed by auto manufacturers to help aid drivers stop efficiently in low-traction situations. It is especially useful for drivers who live in areas of snow and ice. It is essentially a computer in your vehicle that is programmed to release and apply the brakes … Read More

How to Protect Your Vehicle from Theft

4x4 Dirt RoadUnfortunately theft can be a pretty common problem amongst vehicles, especially in urban areas. With all of the money you’ve likely invested in your offroad rig, chances are you aren’t looking to get your 4 wheel parts stolen any time soon. Use these tips to help deter or prevent burglars from stealing either your vehicle, or stuff in your vehicle.

  • Try to always park somewhere safe – This goes without saying, but you would be surprised how many common mistakes people make when deciding to park their vehicle. Having your own private garage is obviously the best option, but if you have to park out in public or don’t have a private garage at your disposal, look for well-lit areas
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How To Avoid Being Ripped Off by Car Mechanics

At 4×4 Offroad, we strive to provide quality auto service and be a trustworthy 4×4 mechanic and offroad shop. Unfortunately if you’re not living in the Northern Colorado area, you’ll need to find your own auto service center to provide you with repairs, aftermarket parts, 4×4 accessories, 4 wheel parts and truck parts. As much as we hate to admit it, there are some shops out there that do not share the same ethics as us so when looking for a shop we recommend you follow these tips to help pick a reliable and trustworthy mechanic.

auto repairTo avoid being ripped off and/or scammed when finding an auto mechanic:

-Try to find a trustworthy shop before bringing your car in. Ask … Read More

How to Use a Winch

Adding on a winch to your off-road vehicle is one of the best 4×4 accessories money can buy. It’s extremely useful for getting your 4×4 out of mud, sand or anywhere else your vehicle can be stuck, and they’re not ridiculously expensive. Once you’ve installed a winch onto your vehicle, it’s important to know how to use it properly. Before using the winch, make sure it’s properly mounted onto the front of your aftermarket bumper. If you don’t know how to install aftermarket parts correctly, visit your local 4×4 mechanic.

WinchStep 1: Safety

Safety is a very important element here. Thick wired cable and tension can be a deadly combination, so make sure to take the necessary steps to have … Read More