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Parts for 4 wheel off-road vehicles

A Jeep with aftermarket lighting.

5 Off Road Upgrades Under $100

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t customize your off-road rig. With the right 4-wheel parts, your trailblazer can be looking hot and riding powerful, but many people think they can’t make much of a difference without shelling out thousands. This simply isn’t true! With the hundreds of individual parts that make up your truck, there are quite a few that are easy on the wallet and can drastically improve your time on the trails. Your mechanic in Fort Collins can help guide you to more custom off road parts, but here are just a few ideas of upgrades you can make this weekend for less than $100.

You may want to stop in and have your … Read More

Toyota 4-wheeling in Colorado.

Colorado 4×4 Trails- Lake County

We all know that the weather in Colorado can be moody. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to stay inside! January and February have seen their fair share of sunny warm days, so it may be a great time to clean up your off-road rig and hit the trails. The gorgeous sweeping views of Lake County, home of Leadville, will inspire you while its many creeks and outcroppings will give your 4-wheel parts a good challenge.

Just be sure to double check road conditions prior to heading out (some trails may be closed due to snow) and stop by your local Fort Collins auto shop for a quick tune-up before any pre-season excursions. It’s also a great time … Read More

Mechanic doing paperwork in a shop.

Why Your Off-Road Rig Deserves An Off-Road Mechanic

To a seasoned off-roader, the choice of auto service center is one of the utmost importance: taking good care of their rig ensures they can continue enjoying the sport they love. And while some people think that any ol’ mechanic will do, most know that taking time to investigate and select just the right one is worth the effort. While many local mechanics in Fort Collins might be able to perform basic maintenance, if you have a custom truck and are serious about hitting the trails, look for a shop that specializes in off-road and 4×4 work.

It’s kind of like shopping for a doctor: you want one that you get along with, one who speaks your language, and one … Read More

A yellow truck crossing a river off-road 4-wheeling.

Colorado 4×4 Trails: San Juan County

Situated just southeast of Telluride, the county of San Juan is one of the least populous in the state, making it the ideal destination when all you want to see is the wide open wilderness. Snow-capped peaks loom over nearly every horizon, and the paths are littered with robust trees and a menagerie of wildlife, worlds away from any 4×4 service center. But don’t let the isolation steer you away: this slice of the state plays host to some of the best views, toughest climbs, and exhilarating creek crossings. Just be sure to check in with your mechanic in Fort Collins before making this epic southwest journey, and pack all the necessary gear for both off-road driving and survival. You … Read More

Wall of tires. Tire wall texture.

Top Tires For Your Rock Crawler- Part I

It’s been a long day. You’ve traversed the unbeaten paths since dawn to find the perfect forest trail. Eaten beef jerky out of a plastic bag. Lost cell service twice. Weaved your vehicle through switchbacks, mud traps, and crossed a river, and now you find yourself facing a rocky outcropping of the most beautiful-but-tough boulders you’ve ever laid eyes on. As if the heavens had emptied their bag of giant granite marbles directly in your path, scattered them about like a sadistic obstacle course. And you’re not sure if your 4-wheel parts can even handle the traverse, especially your tires.

You’ve recently upgraded your suspension, added an even bigger lift, replaced your filters, and threw in a handful of shiny … Read More

Land Rover 110 Series Offroad

Do Luxury SUVs Belong Off Road?

While much remains in common with off-road vehicles, there is still much debate about the exact combination of specs that creates an ideal one. Some enthusiasts have incredibly strong opinions on the matter, citing the ruggedness of the 4-wheel parts nestled away under the hoods of their own make and model. Others will go even further, scoffing at the notion of taking a luxury car out on the trail, in all its heated leather seated glory. The debate begs the question: do the SUVs in the “luxury” class really have the off road parts it takes to play with the big boys?

It depends on who you ask. Many trail runners are loyal to certain brands with a legacy of … Read More

Alquiler de Coches

Considerations When Lifting Your Truck

Yes, a big ol’ lifted rig looks pretty rugged, but are looks everything? Well, to some, yes. Many see the epitome of offroading in a big lifted truck or Jeep. And who doesn’t think, “Wow!” when they pass by that big, muddy truck with the 4-wheel parts in a parking lot? But really, the look is such a small part of why lifting a truck is important.

And is there more to it than raising it up and putting on a gigantic set of tires? You should probably know what you’re getting into before you even loosen one lug nut. Let’s look at why we lift in the first place before we begin buying offroad parts to get the job … Read More

Martin Brigden

5 Things You Need to Know About Turning a 4×4 into an Off-Road 4×4

You remember the feeling: picking out that gleaming pickup truck or SUV in the lot and imagining what it would look like caked in mud. Your dream of owning a 4-wheel drive vehicle has been realized, but now there are just a few things you need to know about taking your vehicle to the next level. Chances are, your 4×4 is designed to navigate the asphalt jungle, not the dirt trails and rocky paths of Colorado’s great outdoors. In order turn that truck, Jeep, or sport utility vehicle into a real off-roader, you may need to add 4 wheel parts and off-road parts that can help you conquer the roughest road you can find. Then, you’ll need 4×4 service that … Read More

Colorado 4×4 Trails – Eagle County

Vail, Eagle and Edwards are just a few cities you’ll find here in Eagle County. Besides popular ski resorts and mountain towns, you’ll find some beautiful, scenic and challenging 4×4 trails to explore with your vehicle. If you’re looking to do some offroad adventuring in Eagle County, you may want to consider some of these prime offroad trails.

1. Adams Lake


Skill Level: Medium
Trail Length: 17 miles
Nearby Towns: Eagle
Elevation: 10,400 to 11,200 feet

Adams Lake is a challenging yet scenic trail located in the White River National Forest. The lake itself is breathtakingly beautiful and worth the trip there. You’ll first start at the end of the Coffee Pot Road Trail located at Heart Lake. The trail … Read More

Six Conveniences Every 4×4 Should Have

Toyota 4Runner

CC Image courtesy of millerm217 via Flickr

To the offroad enthusiast, having the proper 4×4 is a must, and they become a huge part of our way of life. To make the ride more enjoyable, people will spend a lot of money at offroad shops modifying their vehicle and adding additional 4 wheel parts and other 4×4 accessories to their rig. As technology advances, auto manufacturers are adding more and more features to vehicles that used to be considered luxuries, but we see them now as almost being necessities for a more enjoyable ride. These six conveniences we believe every car, truck and SUV should have come standard.

1. Standard 115V outlet

Lets face it, technology and electronics have dramatically … Read More