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Exciting new 4-wheel drive vehicles

2014 is delivering some exciting new automobiles and 4-wheel drive trucks for the consumer market. From exciting new 4x4s to new sports cars, there will be many new head-turners available to customize with your favorite aftermarket parts. Check out our list of these all-wheel drive vehicles we’re looking forward to that are being released next year:

Subaru WRX 4x42015 Subaru WRX

The WRX is arguably one of the most recognized 4-cylinder sports cars of the past decade, and has been a proven contender for one of the best rally sports cars in the world. With all-wheel drive, it’s both great on and offroad and delivers power and performance at a reasonable price. For the 2015 year, Subaru has redesigned the WRX and … Read More

Necessary Aftermarket Parts for Offroad Vehicles

Necessary Aftermarket Parts for Offroad Vehicles

Exploring Colorado’s wilderness and other backcountry scenes around the nation can be a very rewarding experience and open up a new world of opportunities. However, some backcountry and offroad trails require extensive modifications and aftermarket parts to ensure that your vehicle can make it to its destination safely and efficiently. If you’re considering doing some extreme offroading, consider adding some of these 4×4 accessories on to your vehicle.

Offroad Tires: If you could only afford to add on one modification to your vehicle this would be it. offroad vehicleTires with tread specifically designed for offroad use are completely necessary, as they will help your vehicle get as much traction as possible. Many tire companies produce … Read More

When to put your vehicle in 4-Wheel Drive

When do you put your vehicle in 4-Wheel Drive? Often there will be times when you and your 4×4 offroad vehicle will be put in a situation where you will need to engage 4-wheel drive. Living in a place like Colorado where the weather can change without notice, it’s always a good idea to know how to operate your vehicle and choose the appropriate setting for the drive train when the weather takes a turn for the worse. But how do you know when it’s appropriate to engage 4-wheel drive, and what setting is best?

Elephant HillThe main purpose of 4-wheel drive is to help your vehicle get more grip to the surface in a low-traction condition. A good time to … Read More