Six Conveniences Every 4×4 Should Have

Toyota 4Runner

CC Image courtesy of millerm217 via Flickr

To the offroad enthusiast, having the proper 4×4 is a must, and they become a huge part of our way of life. To make the ride more enjoyable, people will spend a lot of money at offroad shops modifying their vehicle and adding additional 4 wheel parts and other 4×4 accessories to their rig. As technology advances, auto manufacturers are adding more and more features to vehicles that used to be considered luxuries, but we see them now as almost being necessities for a more enjoyable ride. These six conveniences we believe every car, truck and SUV should have come standard.

1. Standard 115V outlet

Lets face it, technology and electronics have dramatically changed the way we go about living our life. With laptops, cell phones, rechargeable batteries and more, there’s no denying that we are consumed by these devices. While most new cars today come with a 12V outlet, surprisingly there are few vehicles that come standard with 115v outlets like the ones you would find in your home. This would make it extremely convenient to power devices as opposed to buying an adapter. There are only a few vehicles today, such as the Toyota 4Runner, that actually have these outlets. For the offroad enthusiast, this is one of the many 4×4 accessories we wish came standard.

2. Automatic Headlights

Only about half the cars produced today come standard with automatic headlights. Not only is it convenient to never have to manually turn the lights on and off again, but it’s also much safer as there are drivers who get preoccupied and forget to turn on their lights, creating a hazard for other drivers on the road. This is one feature every car should come standard with.

3. Tailgate Step

We’re surprised that no one has thought of this sooner, because it is still a rather new technology that is a huge convenience for our 4×4 friends who drive pickups. Ford has introduced this feature recently that makes it significantly easier to climb into the bed of a truck. When the tailgate is dropped, there is an option to take out a step that is incorporated into the tailgate, creating a step lower to the ground providing easy access to the back of a truck. As people are modifying their trucks with 4×4 accessories like lift kits, it makes it harder to utilize the bed, but with this feature that should be on every truck we strongly believe every raised truck should have this option.

4. Accurate and Detailed Tire Pressure Monitor Systems

For the 4×4 enthusiast, monitoring tire pressure is extremely important. When going offroad, it’s important to air-down to climb over obstacles easier, and on road it’s important to have the tires inflated enough so you’ll get good gas mileage. The problem with tire pressure monitor systems today, is not all of them are very detailed and many of them won’t tell you which tire has low pressure, and won’t give detailed information on what the psi is. If cars had more detailed pressure monitor systems we would have a much easier time knowing which tire(s) has low pressure, and how to adjust them accordingly. This would also be a nice feature for the every-day driver, as it can provide a safer drive.

Nissan recently added a cool feature to some of their vehicles, informing the driver exactly when the tire is at the optimal pressure when inflating tires by giving audible and visual signals. A pretty cool 4 wheel part all 4×4’s should have!

5. Bluetooth

More vehicles are coming with Bluetooth now a days, but there are still a lot that doesn’t have them. It’s no secret that people are constantly talking on their cell phones while driving, and it’s also no secret that it’s dangerous and distracting. In fact, many states have banned the use of cell phones while driving without some sort of hands free device. Bluetooth allows the driver to never have to touch their phone when making or receiving calls, and provides a much safer environment when talking on the phone. Using Bluetooth is very convenient and provides an overall better driving experience.

6. Back-Up Cameras

Back-up cameras are helpful, but you do lose some depth perception. They’re nice for when you need to back up in close quarters, or when you’re trying to backup around obstacles. You shouldn’t always rely on them, but they can be extremely useful in some situations and make driving just that much more convenient. It’s also a nice featured for the sports car enthusiasts who want to back up against a curb without scratching their bumper!

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