Should You Choose a SUV or CUV?

Should You Choose a SUV or CUV?

The term ‘CUV’ has been tossed around a lot lately, and some people are even using this term interchangeably. But, there’s a fundamental difference between a SUV and CUV, and knowing this difference will help you decide which type of car to buy.

SUV Status

A SUV is closer to an off-road vehicle. SUVs tend to have a two-speed transfer option, and come with four-wheel drive. There are no shortage of SUVs on the market, though some are better built for off-roading than others. You’ll want to look for an option that has the most ground clearance if you plan to go off-roading, and some SUVs don’t offer a great ground clearance option. If you are aware that all SUVs are not created the same, and you take a look at the specs when it comes to off-roading, you’ll see which ones will suit your needs the best.

The CUV Explosion

CUV literally stands for ‘Cross Over Vehicle,’ and that’s what it is – but what is that? Typically, a cross-over vehicle isn’t really meant for off-roading. It’s a hybrid of a car and a four-wheel vehicle option. CUVs are based on car platforms, and you can build some things that you’d find with a SUV into a CUV like all-wheel drive options. But before you take that CUV off-roading, make sure that it has good ground clearance, and that you can drive it off-road without wrecking the entire vehicle.

Choosing the Right Vehicle

It is really hard to differentiate between a SUV and CUV, since both types of vehicles are so similar. The trick is to read the specs related to both types of vehicles. Some are just meant for those muddy trails and some are not at all meant for any kind of off-roading. If you do make the mistake of bringing a vehicle that wasn’t built right off-road, you could wind up with a busted vehicle. In short, find out the difference, read the specs, and understand what you are buying.

If you do wind up in a jam after you brought your SUV or CUV off road without knowing whether or not it could handle the terrain, we can help you out. At our Fort Collins auto repair shop, we know a thing or two about repairing all kinds of trucks, and we’ve seen all kinds of damage. While we don’t advise you to take a truck that wasn’t meant for off-roading into the muddy terrain that you may want to explore, we can fix your truck when you do cause a lot of damage.

Our Auto Shop in Fort Collins

It’s important to build a good relationship with your auto parts and repair specialist. This way, you can bring your truck in no matter what has happened, and we’ll fix it up right away. We also want you to know that you can complete trust our mechanics and our service – that’s why we’ve been in business for so long. But don’t just take our word for it. Call around and see what the best auto shop in Fort Collins is, and you’ll come up with our name – we promise.

Are you facing a problem with your SUV or CUV? Do you need help with 4×4 service or can’t figure out what’s wrong with your truck? Let us help. Call us today to book an appointment for auto repair, and your truck will be like new as soon as you know it. Do you have a favorite SUV or CUV? Let us know by leaving a note here, or by coming over to our Facebook page to leave us a comment or a photo – we’d love to see what you’re exploring in the off-road world right now!

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