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When to Replace an Air Filter

Having a clean air filter is a very important component to maintaining a properly operating offroad vehicle. Having clean air coming into your vehicle is vital for it to run efficiently. Clean air is essential for combustion, which drives all car engines to work properly. If your air filter isn’t clean of dirt and debris, your engine will be struggling to give you enough power and your gas mileage will significantly degrade. In addition, a dirty filter can result in having your motor work harder than it needs to, which will put stress on other components in your vehicle. That means you could be looking at more costly repairs in the future. Taking good care your 4×4 will ensure that it lasts a long time.

auto repairOn average, most drivers replace their air filters once or twice a year but it all depends on the amount a vehicle is driven and in what conditions it’s driven in. For example, an offroad enthusiast may find themself changing their filter four times a year where as a commuter may only need a new filter once a year. To see if it’s time to change your filter, look for a few key things:

  • Stained or off-colored fibers in the filter indicating a lot of debris has been filtered
  • Dirt lodged in between riffles in the filter
  • Ripped or torn pieces which limit filtration

Fortunately air filters are inexpensive auto parts that can be found at most offroad shops or auto supply stores. You or your 4×4 mechanic should check the filter in your

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