How to Protect Your Vehicle from Theft

4x4 Dirt RoadUnfortunately theft can be a pretty common problem amongst vehicles, especially in urban areas. With all of the money you’ve likely invested in your offroad rig, chances are you aren’t looking to get your 4 wheel parts stolen any time soon. Use these tips to help deter or prevent burglars from stealing either your vehicle, or stuff in your vehicle.

  • Try to always park somewhere safe – This goes without saying, but you would be surprised how many common mistakes people make when deciding to park their vehicle. Having your own private garage is obviously the best option, but if you have to park out in public or don’t have a private garage at your disposal, look for well-lit areas and other cars to park around. The more potential your car has to be around people, the better. This can help deter burglars.
  • Secure any aftermarket parts A common theft, especially amongst 4×4 and auto enthusiasts, is the stealing of aftermarket parts and other truck parts. Any 4×4 accessories that you install on your vehicle should be securely fastened and installed properly. If it looks easy to steal, you’ve placed an easy target on your vehicle.
  • Buy a steering wheel lock – While these may be a little old school, they’ve been proven to help prevent theft. Anyone who is thinking of stealing your vehicle and sees one of these locked on your steering wheel will probably think twice about it.
  • Install an alarm – If your vehicle doesn’t come standard with an alarm, it would be a very good investment to install an aftermarket one. A car alarm that goes off will not be overly inviting to someone trying to steal anything out of the cab.
  • Buy wheel locks – Surprisingly, a lot of cars do not come with wheel locks. These are bolts that only a special key specific to your vehicle will unlock and will prevent the theft of your wheels. Aftermarket rims can be expensive, protect them!
  • Hide all valuables – Never leave anything valuable (or something that looks valuable) out in plain sight. Hide them in the trunk, underneath the seat, or put a blanket over anything you don’t want stolen.
  • Tint your windows – Window tint will help prevent burglars from being able to see inside your car easily. Especially at night, valuables can easily be overlooked through a tinted window.

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