Planing the Years First Off Roading Trip

Spring has sprung. The mountain trails are re-opening and people are emerging from their winter caves and are looking for adventure. One adventurous option this year is four-wheeling. According to Urban Dictionary, four-wheeling is the “greatest ‘sport’ which involves driving around like a mad person over hills, cliffs, and other steep things that only trucks and jeeps with four-wheel drive can handle.”

Sounds about right; four-wheeling is sure to give you a thrill. Before embarking on your first crazy four-wheeling trip this year, it’s best to prime yourself and your vehicle. Use these tips to prepare for your upcoming adventure.

  1. Know your vehicle inside and out. This includes:
    • Knowing your vehicles dimensions, including width, height, length, approach angle, departure angle and ramp area
    • Knowing where the lowest point of clearance is
    • Knowing where your engine’s air intake and engine computer are located so you will know the maximum depth of water you can cross
    • How your 4X4 system works and how to use the controls
    • Updating all vehicle maintenance checks and repairs
  1. Be prepared
    • Find where the spare tire and jack are located and familiarize yourself with how to use them
    • Pack an emergency supply kit, including the local sheriff’s phone number
    • Inform yourself about the location and route you are taking and check any weather conditions
    • Write down the local sheriff’s number
  1. Use the buddy-system
    • Travel with at least one other passenger or another vehicle if possible
    • Let someone know where you are going and set a time to contact them to let them know you are alright
  1. Pay attention
    • Always know where you are, where you are going and the route you are taking
    • Remember that even a short trip on the map will probably take you a few additional hours in four-wheel drive

Always give yourself enough time for safe travel. If you’re feeling rushed, it can be easy to overlook a step and ultimately put yourself and your travel companions in danger. Four-wheeling is an adrenaline-pumping sport, but precautions need to be taken in order to ensure safety.

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