New or Used? That is the Question

Buying a 4×4 vehicle is always an exciting task. These off-road machines take us on many journeys and create fond memories for years to come. They aid us in fishing, camping, backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, kayaking and virtually almost any form of outdoor recreation and are with us for many years. The time has come for you to now purchase a 4×4 vehicle, but this leads to the big question: “New, or Used”?

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There are many reasons why you should buy a vehicle new, and there are also plenty of reasons why you should buy a vehicle used. The best way to decide what the best approach for you is to analyze what your needs will be with this 4×4. For example, if you plan on going off-road quite a bit and are planning on modifying the vehicle, it may be best to buy something that has been previously owned. Let’s identify the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a vehicle new or used to determine what will be the best fit for your needs.

Advantages of buying a used 4×4

  • Reduced costs: The first and most obvious reason to buy a 4×4 vehicle used is the reduced costs. Not only on the initial purchasing price, but maintenance as well. Older vehicles usually are built more simplistically and have fewer parts, which therefore allow for more savings. In addition, older trucks SUV’s are generally found for good prices these days as they don’t get the same gas mileage ratings as newer vehicles, and with rising gas prices now a days older trucks and SUV’s are easier to find for this very reason.
  • Easy modifications: If you are a true off-road enthusiast, chances are you are going to want to add aftermarket parts and other 4×4 accessories to your vehicle. One benefit to buying a used car, is the manufacturer’s warranty has already expired, so you can modify your vehicle with the peace of mind that you don’t have to worry about voiding a warranty. If you plan on doing any heavy off-roading, you’ll want to add a new suspension and modify engine components and having a used car will also open up your world to more available 4 wheel parts.
  • 4x4 Dirt TrailInformation is readily available: One of the advantages of buying a used vehicle is it will have a track record. By doing research, you’ll be able to find out if the particular vehicle you are looking at has had a history of mechanical failure or other issues.
  • Beat the crap out of it: If you are planning on off-roading your vehicle a lot, buying a new truck or SUV isn’t a good idea. You’ll want something you can beat the crap out of and not think twice when a scratch or dent occurs on the bodywork.

Advantages of buying a new 4×4

  • Better gas mileage/more power: A major advantage to new vehicles is that the technology has vastly improved in performance this decade. Newer vehicles are larger and have more power yet they still get better gas mileage. This is a huge advantage to anyone looking for the best out of their motors.
  • More luxuries: Newer cars also are available with more luxuries and therefore are more comfortable to drive. New cars come with heated seats, more efficient climate control, better sound systems and more. In addition, one huge luxury of having a new car is you will generally get better service from the dealer’s auto service center and you will have a warranty!
  • Lower financing rates: If you are planning on financing your vehicle, you will get much better rates from a dealership on a new car, as opposed to buying a used car. If you’re planning on buying used, it’s always recommended you pay for the vehicle in full.
  • Peace of mind: Probably the best part about buying a new car, is it’s new! A common issue with buying a used 4×4 is you will never know for certain how the previous owner treated the vehicle. Was it simply a commuter, or has it been rolled a few times while rock-crawling off-road? Has the car been driven hard and have neglected maintenance? Buying a new car will ensure that you can properly take care of the vehicle to extend it’s life.

Well, that’s it! You should now have a better idea about buying either a new or used vehicle.

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