Necessary Aftermarket Parts for Offroad Vehicles

Necessary Aftermarket Parts for Offroad Vehicles

Exploring Colorado’s wilderness and other backcountry scenes around the nation can be a very rewarding experience and open up a new world of opportunities. However, some backcountry and offroad trails require extensive modifications and aftermarket parts to ensure that your vehicle can make it to its destination safely and efficiently. If you’re considering doing some extreme offroading, consider adding some of these 4×4 accessories on to your vehicle.

Offroad Tires: If you could only afford to add on one modification to your vehicle this would be it. offroad vehicleTires with tread specifically designed for offroad use are completely necessary, as they will help your vehicle get as much traction as possible. Many tire companies produce all-terrain tires that are suitable for a wide range of uses and environments; therefore it’s up to you to decide which tire will help accomplish your specific task.

Winch: A winch is a mechanical pulley or towing device that allows the user to tow themselves or others out of a situation where a vehicle is stuck. Most winches are mounted on the front of the bumper and consist of a strong wire cable. These are especially useful in areas with loose sand, mud or water. Most winches will require an aftermarket bumper to mount to.

Bull Bar/ Brush Guard:
Bull bars and brush guards are very useful multi-purpose additions to 4×4 vehicles. They are fitted to the front of the vehicle and provide protection from animals, rocks, trees and other obstacles. In addition, they are very handy to mount aftermarket lights and other accessories on as well.

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Offroad Lights: Occasionally there will be times when you are found offroad at night. Don’t be stuck with limited visibility. It can be extremely handy to have a set of front and rear mounted floodlights and front mounted spot lights.

Extended Fenders/ Mud Guards: These are not entirely necessary but are recommended additions to your vehicle to help reduce flying rocks and debris which can help save the paint on your 4×4 as well as increase visibility to the drivers behind you.

Skid Plate: A skid plate can help protect the essential parts underneath your vehicle from large boulders and the ground. Most 4×4’s come with a skid plate from the factory, but if you are planning on making frequent offroad visits, consider adding a stronger aftermarket one.

Gas Cans: A hardcore offroad enthusiast doesn’t leave the road without extra gas. Whether you decide to buy gas can mounts for the back of your vehicle or leave them in your cab, they are absolutely necessary.

Various Performance Accessories: The addition of torque and horsepower can help give your vehicle a better chance at getting out of sticky situations. Simple modifications such intake and exhaust to more complex power gains such as forced induction are both useful for your vehicle (and fun too!).

Suspension: Upgrading your vehicle’s suspension is one of the most complex and pricey 4 wheel parts. However, extra clearance can be extremely important, especially during rock crawling and in high mud. Suspension upgrades can include coilovers, shocks, camber kits, control arms, shock absorbers and more.

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