Mercedes is Putting the G500 4X4 Squared Into Production

Mercedes is Putting the G500 4X4 Squared Into Production

When Mercedes introduced the G500 4×4 at the Geneva Motor Show, the company told press that the vehicle would only go into production if there was enough interest. Well, there’s been more than a bit of interest in this new model, so Mercedes has decided to put the vehicle into production officially. In case you missed the G500 announcement, here’s what you can look forward to with the newest Mercedes 4X4 option.

The G500 Details

With the G500, Mercedes is offering an 18-inch ground clearance, which is more than twice the clearance of the precious G500 version. Mercedes didn’t change the G-Class’ current suspension and steering mounting options, though, but that’s a good thing. The G-Class already has some of the best mounting and steering options on the market, and Mercedes knows when not to mess with something that’s near perfect.

Mercedes has also added some additional fording depth to the mix. The depth has increased from 1.96 feet to 3.3 feet, which is quite a bit leap. This puts the new G-Class into the same range as the Land Rover Defender. Mercedes has also given the new G500 terrain or mud tires with Beadlock wheels. This all means that you can lower the tire pressure on these wheels to around 0.5 without worrying about any slippage or other issues. It’s also possible to move between Sport and Comfort modes without issue, and this can be done manually.

The Interior

Since this is a Mercedes vehicle, the company wasn’t about to skimp on luxury inside of the new G500. Mercedes is well-known for a comfortable ride, and the company hasn’t disappointed with this newest instalment. You’ll find black leather that’s set off with contrast stitching, microfiber inserts that are diamond-shaped, and a luxurious roofliner and body pillar trim. There will be no mistaking that you’re inside of a luxury vehicle no matter where you go with the newest Mercedes option, but the truck still remains a good off road contender.

Production and Price

The new G500 will be available pre-production to buyers in Germany. If you live elsewhere, you’ll have to hang tight for this vehicle to arrive on the scene. When it does arrive, you’ll also have to be ready to plop down some serious coin for the newest Mercedes 4X4 option. Mercedes is pricing this bad boy at $254,500 – not exactly a price for the faint of heart. The truck looks fierce on the outside with the unmistakable Mercedes symbol embedded into the front grill, and it’s going to be a nice ride to have if you have the cash.

While it might be a while before Mercedes brings the new G500 to North America, the trucks are already in production, and that’s promising. Will the new G500 become as popular as, say, a Jeep Wrangler? Probably not. But, this truck isn’t something that everyone will have, so it’s a good option to wait for if you do have that kind of cash to put down. Should you decide to purchase a car of this caliber (or any other off road option that you plan to use and abuse), it’s a good idea to make sure that you have the right parts to go along with it. That’s where we come into play.

Our Used Offroad Parts Options

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