Make Sure Your Vehicle’s Suspension Is Ready For The Snow

The winter is quickly approaching here in Fort Collins, which means it’s time to think about giving your vehicle the once-over. Thick snow, ice, and other hazards can put quite the strain on your car, and seriously compromise your driving comfort. Many cars do not have the suspension to handle the winter roads with ease, so now’s the time to get your car into your nearest 4×4 service center and have it checked out.

It’s not just your tires that you need to worry about when cold weather hits- inclement weather can affect many of your car’s components. Your ability to control and handle your vehicle is always important, but in cases of snow and ice, it becomes crucial. This is why maintaining your car’s suspension is a great investment, especially at this time of year. Whether you have a big off-road rig or a smaller, everyday car, you need to have smooth and responsive handling, so you can avoid accidents, enjoy better fuel efficiency, and not get jostled around every time you’re behind the wheel.

Don’t fall for the “stiffer is better” mentality when it comes to your suspension. The real secret is that your car’s suspension should be “as soft as possible, as hard as necessary.” A qualified 4×4 mechanic can help you find the perfect balance for your unique vehicle and driving style. You also don’t need to upgrade to a huge, fancy suspension lift kit to enjoy smooth handling and safety on the winter roads. Just be sure that you have all the parts inspected closely during your next service appointment, and you replace them as recommended. After all, the nicest snow tires won’t do anything for you if they’re connected to worn out bearings, joints, and other faulty suspension components!

When the cold weather comes to Fort Collins and the surrounding areas, it’s time to think about making some investments in your car. Especially if you plan to do any trail running in the snow, it’s crucial to have control and responsiveness behind the wheel. But even if you plan to simply commute on city streets this winter, make sure your suspension is up to snuff. Accident rates go up this time of year, so take the time now to schedule your service appointment, so you can keep yourself and your family safe!

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