How to Save Money on Auto Repair ExpensesHow to Save Money on Auto Repair Expenses

Jar of PenniesAuto repair expenses, whether their planned or unplanned, are never a fun way to spend your money. If you need to bring your car in to an auto service center or 4×4 mechanic, consider these ten tips to try and save the most money possible.

  • Compare shops. Once you have received a quote from one shop, compare the price at others. Some 4×4 mechanics may charge significantly more than others, so it’s always good to do your research. Make sure the shop you choose though is reputable and well established.
  • Get a second opinion. If you’re not sure that what has been diagnosed your vehicle, it may not be a bad idea to get a second opinion. Bring it into another shop and see if what they are telling you matches up with the other repair center.
  • Be proactive. Try to take care of as many small problems as you can before bringing it in for repair. Staying on a regular maintenance prevention schedule can help save money on expensive fixes.
  • Do some things yourself. Learning how to do simple maintenance yourself such as changing spark plugs or oil can help save money and labor expenses. In addition, it will make you more aware and car-savvy about necessary repairs and other expenses so you can make more educated decisions about your vehicle.
  • Use coupon codes and promotions. Sometimes mechanics will release promotions and coupons to help attract more business. Take advantage of these and you might end up saving a buck or two.
  • See if the shop will let you buy your own parts. You may be able to save a lot of money if your mechanic will allow you to bring your own parts in. A lot of shops will only put new parts on your vehicle, but if you can bring in your own auto parts, truck parts and used 4 wheel parts you can save a lot of money. Keep in mind though that because the shop didn’t supply the part, they may not be able to put a money-back guarantee on the install if something happens to go wrong.
  • Buy parts online. As with everything now a days, buying from the Internet can save you a lot of money.
  • Order online even if you need it that day. Many times there will be an option to allow you to pick up the part in person at a store. Even if you need the part that day and you order online, it can often be ready for you within an hour.
  • Consult with a friend who knows cars. Everyone should have at least one friend who knows cars and the auto service industry well. Talk to them and get their personal, unbiased opinion.
  • Treat your mechanics well. Mechanics work hard to provide you with good service. Treat them well, thank them and let them know they’re appreciated. If they feel good, chances are they’ll put in the extra effort to help you even more.

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