How to Protect Your Vehicle From Snow Damage

Weather can take a toll on your car, and if you don’t take the proper precautions, you can end up with unsightly damage, as well as reduce the lifespan of your vehicle. In states like Colorado, where we see weather extremes each year, it’s important to have seasonal strategies to keep your car clean and safe. Winter snow and ice can wreak havoc on both the interior and exterior of your vehicle, whether it’s a big 4×4 rig or a compact city car.

If you want to emerge into springtime with minimal wear and tear, follow these tips this winter:

  1. Use caution when removing snow

Too many people tackle their snow-covered cars with shovels, picks, and heavy-duty scrapers, but these can all do serious damage. Avoid big scratches and chipped windows by using a soft-ended broom or mop to gently push off the snow. Start up your car a few minutes before you need to leave to start melting ice, so it will slide off with ease.

  1. Wash regularly

The salt that is put on the roads in the winter is highly abrasive and caustic to the exterior of your car, so make sure that you go through a car wash on a regular basis.  Also, never attempt to scrape off the salt, as this will scratch up your paint.

  1. Apply wax

If there is one thing that is good at repelling moisture, it’s wax. Take the time to put several coats of high-quality wax on your vehicle (or ask your local 4×4 service center to do it), to keep the snow and ice from ruining your car’s body.

  1. Consider covering

If you don’t have the luxury of a garage, winter can be especially tough. Consider investing in a removable car cover, to protect your vehicle from the elements. This can go a long way to keep snow and ice from seeping into all of your car’s cracks and seams.

  1. Drive with caution

When the snowstorms come, they can leave giant piles of snow and icy roads in their wake. It might sound like fun to do some “off-roading” through the neighborhood, but use caution around snowpiles and snowdrifts, as well as slick spots. One wrong move, and you could get stuck, or worse, end up with a costly mechanic bill.

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