How to Prevent Automotive Rust

4x4 JeepWith winter coming up, your 4×4 vehicles and cars are more vulnerable to rust as opposed to any time of year. Rust can wear down parts quicker and ruin the finish to your body’s paint, which can lead to costly repairs. We recommend following these simple steps to help reduce the risk of getting rust.

  • Wash your car regularly – Salt on the roads and mud caked on your vehicle from going offroad can lead to rust. Make sure to wash not only the paint, but the undercarriage of the car as well and some parts of the engine bay if necessary. Apply a regular coat of wax to help protect the clear coat.
  • Get a full inspection from your auto service center. Bring your car in and have your 4×4 mechanic inspect all metal parts of your vehicle. Have them thoroughly inspect the chassis, engine bay, door jams, suspension, paint and anywhere else that is prone to rust.
  • Check with your mechanic or auto parts store to see what type of automotive sealant to prevent rust they recommend. There are a variety of chemicals and coatings that can help protect your car.
  • Make sure all moving parts are regularly lubricated, especially parts underneath the vehicle as they get the most exposure to dirt, water and salt, elements that cause rust.
  • If you do find rust, take care of it sooner than later. Once rust finds its way onto your vehicle, it can spread quickly.  If you find rust on your undercarriage, you can sand certain areas and apply truck bed liner paint.
  • If there is only minor damage to your body, you can sand the rust away and use primer and touch up. If the rust damage is extensive, you’ll need to grind the metal away and use a body filter to repair the hole. Once it’s hardened you can sand it down and apply primer and paint.

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