How to Keep Your 4×4 Rig Clean

The offroading season is getting underway here in Colorado, and people are preparing for weekends spent on the trails. As you’re out and about, especially in the temperamental weather we have here, getting your rig dirty is to be expected. But if you’re using your vehicle every weekend, or every day if it’s also your daily driver, how can you possibly keep it clean? The buildup of exterior mud, and the particularly aromatic interior mix of gear, food, and long days spent outside…can get out of control quickly!

If you want to make the most of this season, without suffering the sights and smells that typically go along with offroading, here are a few things that are worth the investment:

  1. Washable seat covers

Our seats take the brunt of our humanness; we spill food and drinks, we sweat, we track in dirt and debris. Removable seat covers are easy to find, and easy to wash on the regular. You’ll finally have seats that your friends, or significant others, aren’t afraid to sit in.

  1. Cargo liners

When you’re hauling gear, especially in inclement weather, your vehicle’s cargo area can get nasty with a quickness. Invest in some custom-fit cargo liners for your rig that are made from vinyl, silicone, or heavy-duty plastic, that you can hose down when necessary.

  1. Cleaning products

Whether you’re dealing with a funky interior smell, spotted windows, or dusty dashboards, it’s a great idea to have a handful of car-specific cleaning products at the ready. Keep some bottles in your garage or even in your car, so you can easily wipe down before and after your adventures.

  1. Shop-Vac

If you have the space available, consider investing in your own portable shop-vac, or wet/dry vacuum. This heavy duty cleaning machine can suck out dirt, debris, food particles, and even pet hair from your car, letting you get a head start on your vehicle tidying routine in just a few minutes.

  1. Pressure washer

This one is a fantastic purchase if you have the room to use it, like a driveway. For hard-core offroad drivers, dealing with caked-on mud, sand, and silt is an uphill battle, but a pressure washer can get your vehicle clean, without all the scrubbing. Just make sure you get a nozzle that is safe to use for cleaning cars.

Want more tips on how to keep your rig running clean and smooth this year? Come to the 4×4 Offroad Network today!

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