How To Avoid Being Ripped Off by Car Mechanics

At 4×4 Offroad, we strive to provide quality auto service and be a trustworthy 4×4 mechanic and offroad shop. Unfortunately if you’re not living in the Northern Colorado area, you’ll need to find your own auto service center to provide you with repairs, aftermarket parts, 4×4 accessories, 4 wheel parts and truck parts. As much as we hate to admit it, there are some shops out there that do not share the same ethics as us so when looking for a shop we recommend you follow these tips to help pick a reliable and trustworthy mechanic.

auto repairTo avoid being ripped off and/or scammed when finding an auto mechanic:

-Try to find a trustworthy shop before bringing your car in. Ask family and friends who they go to for repairs, and conduct research online looking for reviews from other clients.

-If you need major repairs performed, it may be a good idea to gather several estimates from comparable shops in the area to see who will give you the best price. Once you’ve found a shop, ask for a detailed estimate that lists each repair and how much it costs. Make sure they do not charge you until you approve the estimate. If you’re not sure what each repair entails, do not be afraid to ask for them to go into more detail and answer questions.

-Make sure the final bill itemizes all work completed and any parts that were used in the repair process.

-Avoid mechanics that give verbal estimates as opposed to written ones.

-Avoid mechanics that give low-cost specials on oil changes, transmission inspections, etc, and then add on un-needed repairs to the work order.

-Avoid repair shops that charge work covered by your warranty (if you have one)

Some unethical mechanics will actually inflict intentional damage to your vehicle during an inspection. If you suspect that your mechanic has done this to your 4×4, ask for them to return the original part that was replaced to you. If they refuse or come up with a bogus excuse, chances are they didn’t replace it. When your vehicle is done with repairs, always perform a self-inspection.

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