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Building or maintaining the perfect off-road vehicle can take time. The process often involves selecting aftermarket parts to make the drive-train, chassis, and tires meet the needs of Colorado’s most rugged terrain. Thankfully, finding your auto parts in Fort Collins is a snap at the 4×4 Off-Road Network, with top-of-the-line 4×4 parts and a reliable auto shop. Fort Collins can be your headquarters for taking your off-roading dreams to the next level.

Used or Aftermarket? – Designing Your Off-Road Experience

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Your truck or SUV might feature four-wheel-drive, but is it ready for off-roading? Probably not. There are a number of enhancements you can make to your vehicle to get it ready for the trails, or to simply keep it running smooth during harsh Colorado winters. At 4×4 Offroad Network, you can choose from a wide selection of used and aftermarket parts to maintain your vehicle or turn it into an off-roading beast.

The 4×4 inventory is designed to meet your needs, with salvaged parts that go beyond auto parts and accessories. 4×4 Offroad Network is dedicated to recycling used parts right down to the bumper, so fixing your vehicle with affordable used parts is a snap. When you want to turn your new truck or SUV into an off-road vehicle, you can choose from a wide selection of aftermarket parts from over 25 of the leading parts manufacturers.

Maintaining Your Vehicle On and Off the Road

Whether you’re performing routine maintenance or enhancing the performance of an off-roading vehicle, you can trust the 4×4 Offroad Network’s service center. In addition to helping you improve gas mileage or adjust the steering and suspension, the service center can install all of your 4×4 auto parts. Fort Collins driving can include inclement weather while you’re on the road, and the city’s proximity to amazing off-roading trails demands a service center that can keep your car, truck, or SUV on and off the road with ease.

Making regular trips to the service center for oil changes, alignment, and suspension checks can help keep your vehicle performing at a high level. But, you can also trust the service center to install used and aftermarket 4×4 parts that can include lift kits, tires, custom fabrication, and for the serious off-roader, a new engine for high performance on Colorado’s trails.

Stock Up and Pay Less

With the huge selection of used auto parts, Fort Collins off-roaders can accessorize their vehicle without having to break the bank. Salvaged parts are easily accessible through the database and the eBay store. Four-wheel drive enthusiasts can get the stuff they need, and the stuff they want, from a selection of salvaged parts that can still provide high performance on the toughest terrain.

In addition to lift kits and tires, you can install sway bar disconnects to improve tire articulation on uneven ground, and a locking differential to deliver the right amount of power to all four wheels when you need it.

Other safety features are important to include in your off-roading experience. Some vehicles may require a roll cage, and any off-roader should be equipped with a winch to get out of sticky situations when you’re all by yourself, and an approved tow strap to get help in the stickiest situations. You may also want to equip your vehicle with mounted lights and skid plates to protect your vehicle and its driver in any situation that comes up.

Taming the Wilderness with Confidence

To install larger tires for your off-road vehicle, you will need to install a lift kit and a new gearing system to match your tire diameter. Next, typical axle differentials won’t allow for the type of traction and wheel flexibility you’ll need on rugged terrain. You will want to install a differential lock with a true locker, or at least a limited slip on the rear axle to be able to handle the sharp turns required to handle an unpredictable trail. You should also get professional advice when it comes to achieving the right tire pressure and load weight, and your professional technician can also install adjustable shocks and tune your engine properly to get you ready for the great outdoors.

Colorado off-roading trails are filled with experienced and inexperienced off-roaders. You need to be able to trust your vehicle as you gain experience and expertise at handling the toughest terrain. It is important to have your used and aftermarket parts professionally installed by a technician that can provide a warranty for their parts and their work. Turning your four-wheel- drive vehicle into an off-roader means choosing the right used or aftermarket part installed by a reliable technician that you can count on.

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