Fall Driving Safety Tips

The changing of the seasons can be intense here in Colorado, and can sweep through in an instant. Although we’re often lucky to enjoy pleasant and mild weather into much of the fall, sometimes we’re hit with storms and other hazards that make driving more difficult. Whether you’re still out in the mountains, getting one more trail run in, or you’re navigating the city streets, it’s important to alter your driving habits a bit, during this time of year.

If you want to stay safe behind the wheel as we head into autumn, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Give more distance

When the fall storms blow in, they’re often quick and intense. If you’re out driving and you notice wind and rain, practice keeping more distance between you and the car in front of you. Reduced visibility and potentially wet roads can make it harder to brake in time to avoid an accident.

  1. Watch the leaves

No, don’t actually watch the leaves while you’re driving. But be extra careful about driving over them. Wet leaves can be slippery, just like ice, so brake cautiously here. Also, be aware that leaves and other debris can often obscure lane lines and road markers.

  1. Look out for wildlife

In many areas of Colorado, the wildlife are more active during the fall months. Keep your eyes open for deer, foxes, and other critters that may try to cross the road. Go slowly around mountain curves, keep your brights on in the countryside, and be patient at wildlife crossing areas.

  1. Adjust your eyes

As we continue to lose daylight into the autumn, the adjustment from brightly-lit indoors to darker on-road conditions can take a little longer. Additionally, you may experience more road glare during your commutes, as the sun hits more directly at the horizon during this time of year. Try to allow your eyes a few minutes to adjust, and/or invest in good sunglasses or driving glasses.

  1. Service your vehicle

Autumn is the perfect time to take your vehicle to your local mechanic for a service appointment. They can check your brakes, fluids, tires, and other important components, to make sure they’re ready for the cold, wet weather. Don’t wait until the dead of winter to get your car serviced- get it done right as the offroad season comes to a close.

Want more safe driving trips, or want to schedule your car for some autumn maintenance? Reach out to us at the 4×4 Offroad Network today!

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