Exciting new 4-wheel drive vehicles

2014 is delivering some exciting new automobiles and 4-wheel drive trucks for the consumer market. From exciting new 4x4s to new sports cars, there will be many new head-turners available to customize with your favorite aftermarket parts. Check out our list of these all-wheel drive vehicles we’re looking forward to that are being released next year:

Subaru WRX 4x42015 Subaru WRX

The WRX is arguably one of the most recognized 4-cylinder sports cars of the past decade, and has been a proven contender for one of the best rally sports cars in the world. With all-wheel drive, it’s both great on and offroad and delivers power and performance at a reasonable price. For the 2015 year, Subaru has redesigned the WRX and added many new features to make this vehicle more thrilling than ever before.

Let’s be honest, at first glance the new WRX isn’t exactly the most appealing sports sedan ever made. Even though Subaru has ditched the Impreza name with the new WRX lineup, it still shares a similar body style and features with the current generation Impreza. The biggest changes however are much more noticeable under the hood. In fact, the WRX has many new features that allow it to out-perform any previous WRX and create a much more exciting driving experience similar to the STI. As expected, Subaru is keeping their turbocharged 4-cylinder motor but for the first time in WRX history, they have ditched the 2.5L motor and instead have opted for the 2.0L motor found in the BRZ. This new engine produces 268 horsepower and is now available either in a six speed manual transmission or a continuously variable transmission with paddle shifters. The gearbox has been shortened with a new short-shifter for more sporty gear changes and carbon syncros have been added on first and second gear.

One of the most noticeable changes has been the addition of a newly designed chassis and stiffer suspension. In fact, Subaru claims the car is 41% stiffer, and the suspension is 39% stiffer in the front, and 62% in the rear. There are also larger anti-roll bars, firmer bushings, and aluminum lower control arms unique to the WRX. This will help eliminate extra body roll, and create a better driving experience on the track.

Other noticeable additions on the new WRX are a flat-bottomed steering wheel, SI-drive, a new instrument panel on the dash, push-button start, faux carbon-fiber trim, and an available remote-start feature.

Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6

No this wasn’t a typo, this new truck by Mercedes isn’t a 4×4, it is in fact a 6×6. With 6 tires all independently driven, this $500,000 offroad beast was designed to appeal to the wealthy middle-eastern market and provides an insane amount of comfort, power and offroad capability all in one package. This vehicle comes with a direct-injected 5.5L V8 twin turbo motor that produces 536 horsepower and 561 pound-feet of torque. The torque is multiplied and transferred by a seven-speed gearbox and transfer case that sends power to all six 18 inch beadlock wheels fitted with huge 37 inch all-terrain tires. Weighing in at 8500 pounds, this offroad vehicle will do 0-60mph in just under six seconds.

As you would imagine, this vehicle is very difficult to drive on a paved road, but where the G63 excels is in sand, mud, dirt or pretty much anywhere that doesn’t have tarmac. You can drop the tire pressure to 7psi by simply pressing a button to climb over large rocks, and inflate them up to 26psi for on-road use. This takes less than 20 seconds to inflate or deflate all 6 tires. Equipped with a low-range transfer case ratio and 6×6 drive, this vehicle can go through obstacles most other vehicles would have challenges with. There are five mechanical differential locks that can be activated by pushing the same three buttons found on the center console. The first of the buttons locks the central differential, the second locks the two differentials in the rear axels as well as the inter-axle, and the third locks the front differential. I think it’s safe to say any auto parts for this monster will cost an arm and a leg.

Nissan GTR Nismo

As if the original GTR wasn’t fast enough, Nissan has now added a Nismo version to their GTR lineup to improve upon the already amazing all-wheel drive super car. The goal of this car was to set a Nurburgring lap record on a volume production car, so new additions have been added including stiffer springs, Bilstein shocks, new front links, wider and stickier tires, stronger wheels, a hollow anti-roll bar and adhesive bonding around the entire structure of the vehicle. The body has received a new rear fascia and rear wing, which help provide the vehicle with more down force. The motor has been retuned and has large turbochargers which allows the GTR Nismo to put out 595 horsepower.

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