What exactly is ABS? Is it Necessary?

In today’s auto manufacturing world, all vehicles come standard with ABS. However, some older vehicles were never made available with ABS or are starting to have their ABS systems fail. A lot of older model offroad vehicles with ABS are starting to have their systems fail and it can be costly to fix which has posed the question by many, “is it necessary to even have ABS?”

Front BumperABS, short for Anti-lock Breaking System, is a system developed by auto manufacturers to help aid drivers stop efficiently in low-traction situations. It is especially useful for drivers who live in areas of snow and ice. It is essentially a computer in your vehicle that is programmed to release and apply the brakes rapidly to prevent your wheels from locking up and sliding, when it detects you are slamming on your brakes.

Even with today’s amazing automotive technology, it’s important to know that you should never rely on the ABS to help stop your car. You can use it as a tool to help aid you, but a good driver should always know how to stop a moving vehicle in a low traction situation. In most cases, a driver that properly knows how to apply the brakes of a moving car can actually stop a moving vehicle sooner as opposed to relying on the ABS.  With this said, 4×4 Offroad Network always advocates safety and recommends that you get your ABS systems and any other 4×4 accessories fixed at our auto service center, however if you are an experienced driver that knows how to handle a vehicle well and are skilled in defensive driving, an ABS system may not be necessary.

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