Creating an Offroad First Aid Kit

Creating an Offroad First Aid Kit

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We all buy insurance and whether it’s for home, health or auto it’s one of those things we all hope to never use but must have. Owning a first aid kit can be considered “insurance” for your offroad vehicle. If something were to go wrong out on the trail, it’s extremely beneficial to be prepared and potentially save a life. Considering adding on these items to your first aid kit to keep in your 4×4 at all times.

Before you start adding on items to your first aid kit, considering buying a waterproof bag to hold your tools, bandages and other first aid items. Look for a bag that is easy to open, easy to access and will hold all of your medical supplies and tools.

Once you’ve selected a suitable bag, considering adding in these important first aid items:

Micro Bug-Out-Bag

• Sterile gauze and bandages
• Latex gloves
• Rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer
• First aid cream
• Neosporin
• Providone iodine ointment (to prevent infection) • Benadryl and Aspirin
• Epinephrine
• Duct tape or strong medical tape
• Woundseal powder (or similar to stop bleeding)
• Hemostats
• Tweezers
• Small knife or scalpel
• Scissors
• Plastic cable ties or zip ties
• New, soft toothbrush
• Digital thermometer
• Blood pressure cuff
• Tincture or benzoin
• Stich dressing kit

In addition to these first aid items, consider adding these resources to your arsenal:

• Field guide of wilderness and rescue medicine
• GPS and radio
• Flares • Spot light
• Compass
• Area map

For more information, many offroad shops will carry first aid kits or can suggest what you should purchase to have a complete first aid kit.

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