Colorado 4×4 Trails – Teller County

Teller County is located just within the city limits of Colorado Springs, and is a fantastic place to go explore some trails and do a little off-roading. Before embarking on any 4×4 adventure, just make sure you receive the proper 4×4 service first, and go to a reputable 4×4 mechanic to make sure your vehicle is in the appropriate shape.

1) Bull Park

Skill Level: Medium
Trail Length: 6 Miles
Nearby Towns: Colorado Springs
Elevation: 9,500 to 11,400 feet

Bull Park is a medium-level trail that offers some challenges to the offroad enthusiast looking to step up their game. This is a very well-rounded trail that has some steep climbs, rocky paths, boulders to climb and water crossings to participate in. In addition, the scenery is fantastic so make sure you bring a camera.

To get there, start at Gold Camp Road which heads along the Middle Beaver Creek. The trailhead starts at an old ghost town known as Clyde. To stay on the Bull Park Trail, turn left at the wide area when you can see the trail heading up the mountain to towards the west. You’ll then come to a creek crossing which will take you to the hill climb portion. After the climb you will cross Middle Beaver Creek , which will offer some rock climbs which can be challenging for vehicles with a stock suspension and tires. Continue along the trail and you’ll see Sheep Mountain to the northwest. The trail climbs to the top of the ridge and then heads down to Bull Park.

2) Eagle RockTuckerman trail

Skill Level: Difficult
Trail Length: 6 Miles
Nearby Towns: Colorado Springs
Elevation: 10,100 to 11,300 feet

This is a great spot in the Colorado Springs area to really put your offroad rig to the test. There are quite a few challenges and obstacles to climb all while enjoying the scenery of the forest. The entrance to Eagle Rock is past a clearing about 15 miles down a dirt road. When you pass the reservoir watch for a small pond at the right side of the road, which will indicate that you need to turn off to get to the Eagle Rock trailhead. The road is marked as “307C.”

Eagle Rock starts out pretty rocky and doesn’t take long to approach the first obstacle, which is a sandy hill ending in some rocks at the top. Take your time if you decide to take the more challenging ascent. After this obstacle you’ll come up to a steep, rocky hill with switchbacks. Continue past this and the trail isn’t particularly any more challenging, The last obstacle has steep rocks to climb. Eventually you’ll find yourself intersecting with road 376 which will take you to the shortest way off the trail.

3) Hackett Gulch

Skill Level: Medium-Difficult
Trail Length: 3.8 Miles
Nearby Towns: Deckers
Elevation: 7,640 to 9,030 feet

A very fun trail that follows a valley with some challenging climbs and amazing scenery, this is a great trail for those looking to get a challenge. There was a big fire in this area back in 2002, so be careful as there’s always the possibility of boulders or trees falling without notice. The trail starts at a parking area with a gate. The first section is fairly easy but becomes more challenging at Hackett Rock. There is a steep climb here up a dirt ridge, but make sure you take your time as it’s very easy to potentially pop a tire or lose balance. Once you reach Hackett Rock, there are a few options to getting over it. The paths on the edges are the easiest, but if you are looking for a bigger challenge you can veer up the middle.

After the rock, the trail continues uphill on a dirt path. Continue along the trail until you get to the signs marking the end of the trail.

4) Metberry Gulch

Skill Level: Easy-Medium
Trail Length: 4.5 Miles
Nearby Towns: Deckers
Elevation: 7,200 to 8,670 feet

This is a pretty easy trail with the exception of a few medium-difficulty options to choose from. This is a great choice if you have a variety of people in your group with different skill levels and aftermarket parts on their vehicle. The trail starts at a parking area, and is fairly easy as you start your way through some burned trees. You may then at this point come to some fun and challenging areas of rocks which are enjoyable to climb. When you get to the fork in the road, take the left trail. The trail will become steeper as you descend, so take it slow. The most challenging part of this trail is the rock slab, a steep portion of rock that will require 4wd. You’ll need a little speed and momentum to get up this portion.

As always, take your 4×4 in for a full service into our 4×4 mechanic to inspect all components and aftermarket parts. Use the buddy system and be safe, but have fun!

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