Colorado 4×4 Trails – Larimer County

Colorado 4×4 Trails – Larimer CountyDenali Landscape

As residents of Colorado we are fortunate enough to have access to some amazing scenery and breathtaking views of the mountains right in our own backyard. There are a lot of areas to explore in Colorado that are only accessible with a 4×4 vehicle.

When you’re ready to take your vehicle offroad, consider checking out some of these exciting 4×4 trails in Larimer County.

1)   Old Flowers Road

Skill Level: Easy
Length: 22 Miles
Average Duration: 2 hours
Nearest Major City: Fort Collins

Description: Old Flowers road is a perfect trail for someone new to offroading. This trail is easy to navigate but can get muddy and slippery during a wet season. Beautiful views of meadows, forests and abandoned cabins are present on this path.

2)   Storm Mountain Trail

Skill Level: Moderate
Length: 5 miles round-trip
Average Duration: 2 hours
Nearest Major City: Loveland/Estes Park

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Description: Storm Mountain trail is conveniently located near Estes Park and Loveland off Highway 34. The offroad trail starts at forest service road 128; when you reach forest service road 153 in Galuchie Meadow, make a left to access the trail. Storm Mountain trail offers a variety of terrain for the beginner and seasoned offroad enthusiast. Bring a camera on this trip as there are a lot of amazing views to be seen from this trail.

3)   Seven Mile Trail

Skill Level: Easy
Length: 12 miles round-trip
Average Duration: 3.5 hours
Nearest Major City: Fort Collins

Description: Seven Mile trail is a fun trail to explore for any vehicle with high clearance. The trail

takes the driver through wet rocky roads with stream crossings and mud. The scenery is unique going through forests, streams and driving by an old mine shaft.

4)   Moody Hill/ Crystal Mountain

Skill Level: Moderate-Difficult
Length: Approx 15 miles
Average Duration: 7 hours
Nearest Major City: Fort Collins

Description: This offroad trail starts at Moody Hill and continues onto the Crystal Mountain trail. An offroad vehicle with high clearance is required. The trail at Moody Hill starts off fairly flat and becomes more challenging and rocky throughout the duration of the trip. There are a lot of offroad challenges available on this route, which is great for those looking to put their 4×4’s to the test.

5)   Kelly FlatsThe Morning River

Skill Level: Difficult
Length: 21 miles round-trip
Average Duration: 2 hours
Nearest Major City: Fort Collins

Description: The Kelly Flats are located immediately off Highway 14 in Poudre Canyon. The majority of this route is fairly easy, however this trail is best known for “Heart Attack Hill”, a very steep, difficult and rocky climb near the start of the drive. Once this obstacle is passed, the remainder of the drive becomes fairly flat and provides a wide spectrum of scenic views.

Before taking your vehicle offroad, make sure to visit your 4×4 mechanic for a full inspection and 4×4 service. Make sure all aftermarket parts and truck parts are installed correctly, and always try to use the buddy system on your journey.

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