Colorado 4×4 Trails: Boulder County

We’ve already shared with you some of our favorite offroad trails in Larimer County, now it’s time to give you some tips on where you can take your 4×4 in Boulder.  We recommend these hot spots if you’re looking at doing some exploring with your rig.

4x4 Dirt Road1) Middle Saint Vrain

Skill Level: Moderate – Difficult

Length: 8.5 Miles

Average Duration: 3.5 Hours

Description: The Middle Saint Vrain trail is a challenging 4×4 route located near the Indian Peaks Wilderness. This trail has big rocks and deep creek crossings, so a high clearance vehicle is necessary. For anyone looking to explore some of Colorado’s beautiful scenery on the base of the mountains, this is a must visit.

2) Left Hand Canyon

Skill Level: Moderate

Length: 4.5 Miles

Average Duration: 2 Hours

Description: Left Hand Canyon is a great route for anyone looking for steep hills, moderate rock crawling and a good offroad experience. There is a optional section of this trail called “Big Momma Hill”, which provides more of a challenge to offroad enthusiasts with long, very steep climbs.

3) Rollins Pass East

Skill Level: Easy

Length: 12.5 Miles

Average Duration: 3.5 Hours

Description: Rollins Pass East is an easy offroad trail great for those looking to see some awesome scenery but don’t want too much of a challenge. There are a lot of very interesting sights to see here including the Needle’s Eye, large valleys, Yankee Doodle and Jenny Lake and more. Make sure to bring a camera!

4) Mammoth Gulch

Skill Level: Easy

Length: 5 Miles

Average Duration: 2 Hours

Description: Mammoth Gulch isn’t particularly long or challenging, but it offers some fantastic scenery and a chance to see what a valley looks like 20 years after it’s been drained from a once previously standing reservoir. This is a great trail to bring multiple friends on who have offroad vehicles of all types.

5) Kingston Peak

Skill Level: Moderate

Length: 9.5 Miles

Average Duration: 4 Hours

Description: With lots of mud and dirt, this is a fun trail for anyone looking to get their vehicle dirty. Though the trail isn’t particularly challenging, it’s a great trail close to Boulder and Denver with fantastic views.

Before taking your vehicle offroad, make sure to visit your 4×4 mechanic for a full inspection and 4×4 service. Make sure all aftermarket parts and truck parts are installed correctly, and always try to use the buddy system on your journey.

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