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Safe Winter Driving Tips

In previous articles we’ve shared some tips on how to prepare your 4×4 for the cold weather, but it’s important to also discuss how to drive safely on icy roads this winter. We’re not always driving our offroad vehicles in 4 wheel drive, so it’s important to be safe and learn a few tips to help make winter driving easier when in 2 wheel drive or when the weather is poor.

Winter RoadBefore attempting any sort of winter driving in icy conditions, it’s important that your vehicle is equipped with the proper winter/snow rated tires. Snow tires should be thinner in width than standard all-season tires so they help cut through the snow better. The proper tread pattern is important as … Read More

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How to Read a Tire Size

All tires come in different styles, tread patterns and sizes. When it’s time for you to purchase a new tire, knowing to choose the appropriate size for your wheels is important. If you’re fortunate enough to have access to a great tire shop, 4×4 mechanic or auto service center, they can help you with this process, but it’s always great to know how to read tire specifications in case you get a flat, need to know what psi to inflate it to, or want to have comfort knowing you’re purchasing the right tire for your off-road vehicle.

Stack of Tires

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First we will look at how to read the tire size. For this example, we will look at … Read More