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Information on 4×4 Auto Repairs

Your Mid-Summer Auto Repair Checklist

Summertime in Fort Collins is a wonderful thing, and many off road drivers are hitting the trails on a regular basis. The combination of the 4×4 exploration and the hot, dry weather is a good reason to keep a closer eye on your vehicle this time of year. You may be putting more stress and strain on your rig than you realize, so it’s important to invest in continual checkups and comprehensive auto repair when necessary. If you want to keep your offroad car or truck in tip-top condition, so you can enjoy driving in the mountains for years to come, don’t neglect to ramp up your summer maintenance!

Seasoned 4×4 drivers know a lot about their cars, or at Read More

Should You Choose a SUV or CUV?

Should You Choose a SUV or CUV?

The term ‘CUV’ has been tossed around a lot lately, and some people are even using this term interchangeably. But, there’s a fundamental difference between a SUV and CUV, and knowing this difference will help you decide which type of car to buy.

SUV Status

A SUV is closer to an off-road vehicle. SUVs tend to have a two-speed transfer option, and come with four-wheel drive. There are no shortage of SUVs on the market, though some are better built for off-roading than others. You’ll want to look for an option that has the most ground clearance if you plan to go off-roading, and some SUVs don’t offer a great ground clearance option. If you are aware that all SUVs … Read More

5 Tips For Choosing A Mechanic

Mechanic Shae Davies, 2000

For those with a dedicated off-road vehicle or an all-purpose rig that takes them from the city streets to the mountain trails, it can be overwhelming trying to find a local mechanic that you trust. There are so many things to keep in mind when searching for the perfect auto shop in Fort Collins, especially when you have a specialty vehicle or more diverse driving needs. People who take to the trails on a regular basis are going to need something different from a mechanic than people who simply commute to work in the suburbs, and it requires an extra step to nail down the ideal 4×4 mechanic in Fort Collins.

There are several factors that go into choosing a … Read More

Your Vehicle Needs Hydration Too


The weather is starting to warm, the snow is almost all thawed, and the ground is starting to dry. It’s a wonderful time of the year to get out and enjoy all that nature has to offer, and hitting the first trails of the season after getting a check up at your local shop for auto repair in Fort Collins. As the first flowers start to poke up out of the soil, and the seasonal breezes pick up, many people are inspired to head out into the wilderness for some off road fun. But don’t forget to take the time out to properly care for your rig before we get too deep into the hot summer months!

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A Jeep going through a muddy puddle.

Colorado 4×4 Trails: Pitkin County

Just west of Leadville and north of Crested Butte lies a gorgeous swath of forest and mountain wilderness packed with an endless amount of outdoor adventures. Tucked far away, nearly 5 hours from your favorite auto shop in Fort Collins, this breathtaking frontier is perfect for stretching your off-road legs and getting away from it all.

The Aspen-Snowmass region is the ideal spot: not too close but not too far, views for miles, and plenty else to keep you occupied. Grab your buddies and plan a weekend to explore the trails in the area when the weather is mild. Talk to your local 4×4 mechanic about making any necessary upgrades to your rig, including installing any used off road parts, … Read More

A Jeep Wrangler in the snow.

3 Steps To Deal With Wild Weather

If we could all agree on one thing that is true of Colorado, it would be that we have some of the most variable weather in the nation. One day it’s sunny and 60 degrees, and it will dump 6 inches of freezing snow the next. But the locals know how to cope: dress in layers, always be prepared, and take good care of the vehicle that gets you around! Regardless of the time of year, 4×4 service centers are busy helping us keep our trucks in tip-top shape, no matter what Mother Nature throws our way.

Most of us are comfortable with the basics of all-weather car care: the best snow scrapers, the right wax to use, even a … Read More

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Don’t Forget Your Truck’s Exterior This Winter

The frigid snow and ice have already settled in, and many people are rushing to prepare their cars for a long hard winter. Most savvy drivers have a checklist already in their heads about how to prepare their truck parts for this time of year; fluids, snow tires, and wiper blades are usually near the top of the winterizing wish list. But there’s so much more that should be addressed before hitting the roads, whether those roads are in the mountains or in the cities.

While it’s smart and safe to replace fluids and check the heating systems, our car exteriors are typically forgotten about; many of us taking for granted the sturdy frame and clean undercarriage that surrounds us … Read More

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The Importance Of The End-Of-Season Checkup

It can be hard sometimes to admit that the season is coming to a close. After all, the wild weather patterns in Colorado can sometimes make it seem like it’s never going to end. But even if you’re able to squeeze in another off-road run or two before the snow hits, don’t forget to make an appointment with your local Fort Collins auto shop for your end-of-season service.

Your vehicle has no doubt seen some great trail action over the summer, with all the amazing trails and playgrounds that this area has to offer. Unfortunately, with all that fun comes the risk of damage and wear on your off-road parts, and those should be checked and replaced often. Plus, it’s … Read More

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How to Maintain Your 4X4 Truck

A 4×4 truck can be a lot of fun – especially when it comes to offroading on those particularly muddy trails! But, you have to take care of your truck, too, or it won’t last as long as you’d like it to. We’ve found that a lot of truck owners don’t know how to properly maintain a truck, so we’ve listed some tips here for you to follow – enjoy!

  1. Prevent rust: rust can be a truck owner’s worst nightmare. But, you can prevent rust from forming by simply applying an oil treatment to your truck’s various parts (on the body, not on the inside). A treatment should be applied once or twice per year to really work well,
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Top Inexpensive Off Road Vehicles

It’s hard to find a good off-road truck that doesn’t cost a fortune. If you can’t afford a Hummer, there are some other options out there that aren’t as expensive! Since we’re in the business of selling truck parts, we have seen a lot of different makes and models, and we know a thing or two about which trucks last the longest (and are the least expensive). Take a look at our list of top inexpensive off-road vehicles, and be sure to contact us if you need any truck parts.

  1. Jeep Wrangler: is there a more iconic off-road truck than the Jeep Wrangler? This truck doesn’t just look amazing, it performs well too. You’ll get a 3.6-liter V6 engine;
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