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Buying Used Car Parts: Good Idea?

Eventually your offroad vehicle will get to the point where you will need to replace parts and make a major repair. Sometimes these repairs can be in excess of over a thousand dollars, so the more money you can save, the better. One method of saving money on repairs is to replace your parts with used auto parts, but is it a good idea?

438425_32210747Purchasing new parts can be very costly which is why many resort to purchasing used 4×4 accessories. If you’re lucky enough to find a used part in good condition, it is definitely a purchase you should consider. In the past, knowledgeable consumers would search through junkyards and took their own tools to take pieces off dead automobiles that they needed. People still embark on that process today, however the re-used business has evolved. Many modern auto recyclers including 4×4 Offroad Network will thoroughly inspect used parts and approve them for resale.

Some parts that are regularly replaced, such as brake pads and spark plugs, should always be bought new, however parts that last a long time without significant damage such as rims, bumpers or headers can easily be purchased as a second-hand item. In addition to saving money, you’re also helping contribute to the “green” movement by recycling.

It’s always a great idea to get a second opinion first before putting a used part on your vehicle. Look around on the internet, or ask your local 4×4 mechanic for advice.

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