Buying Lift Kits: How To

Buying Lift Kits: How To

Off-roading with your truck will show you what your vehicle is really capable of – after all, most trucks weren’t just meant to haul the kids back and forth from soccer camp! But before you bring your truck out into the wilderness, you may have to install a lift kit. Why? If your truck is placed too low to the ground, hitting that rough terrain with your truck will spell instant disaster (and an armload in repairs!).

Buying a lift kit for your truck is a great idea if you want to take your truck off road, but before you purchase any old kit, make sure to read this guide first. Otherwise, you could wind up wasting money, or buying a kit that won’t work for your truck!

Why Install a Lift Kit

Despite commercials showcasing trucks driving through tough terrain, most trucks that roll off the assembly line today just aren’t up to the task of off-roading. A lift kit can make it possible to go off the road without ruining your car – but there are other reasons to install a lift kit too.

  • To make room for bigger tires. Bigger tires mean that you can conquer more terrain, but you can’t put monster tires on a regular truck that doesn’t have a lift kit.
  • Bigger suspension. You don’t want to drive across mud and rocks and not have the suspension clearance to do so. A lift kit will raise your suspension, so that you can make it across any kind of rough terrain.
  • Pure style. Trucks that are higher off of the ground just look better, right? You accomplish this look with the right lift kit.

Buying a Lift Kit

So how do you go about buying the right kit for the specific purpose that you have in mind? First, figure out what kind of lift kit you want to purchase. Typically, you will have three different selection options.

  1. Body lift kits: if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to give your truck more height, a body lift kit is the way to go. A body lift kit will not raise the clearance level, but it will allow for bigger tires and more overall height.
  2. A leveling kit. Is the back of your truck higher than the front? If you want to even it out, a leveling kit is the best option.
  3. Suspension lift kits. These are the ultimate lift kits, and you will be able to lift your entire suspension with this type of kit. If you’re looking to raise everything and really take your truck off-road, a suspension lift kit is the right kind of kit for you.

Buying from Us

We specialize in lift kids new and used, and we also offer the best prices around when it comes to kits of all sizes and shapes for any kind of truck. No matter what you want your lift to accomplish or look like, we can help find you the optimal solution to lifting your truck. Call us today for price and details. Used offroad parts can be the best option that you have, and we are the most reliable company out there for these types of parts.

Do you have more questions about lift kits? You can call us today for additional information, or come in and see us in order to find out what we have that will fit your truck and your needs when it comes to raising your truck. Before you take your truck off-road, make sure that it is equipped for that rough terrain to avoid a major problem!

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