Buying a Used 4x4? Read This First!

Buying a Used 4×4? Read This First!

We specialize in new and used auto parts, but we also know a thing or two about buying a used 4×4. Purchasing your 4×4 used makes good sense for a lot of reasons, but it helps to know what to buy and where to buy it from. Otherwise, you could wind up purchasing a machine that isn’t what you wanted or what you paid for. Take a look at these buying tips.

Used A Lot

One of the reasons that buying a new 4×4 can be tricky is that these vehicles are used a lot. Since they are off-roading vehicles, the chance that something might not be top notch is high. Simple wear and tear can make any used 4×4 a mistake to purchase, so it will pay to buy from a reputable dealer. But the reality is that most people selling 4×4 vehicles are previous owners that no longer have use for those vehicles, so you’ll probably wind up at someone’s home looking at a used option.

How to Tell

There’s no better way to tell what kind of shape a vehicle is in than to test drive that vehicle. Since you’re buying a 4×4 that was meant to go off road, testing the vehicle on a nicely paved flat surface is probably not what you want to do. Instead, ask to bring the vehicle to a place where it’s a big rough and rocky, so you can really test it out. If you hear or see anything that might cause you to question whether or not the 4×4 is really in good shape, it’s probably not a good purchase option.

Get It Reviewed

You can also ask to bring a vehicle to a professional garage for review. If you have a garage that you trust to do good work, bring the 4×4 into that garage and ask someone to go over every part of the vehicle. If something is wrong, you’ll be notified right away. You can also ask a dealer to run a VIN number to see whether or not that vehicle has had any major repairs.

Consider the Age

Some older 4×4 vehicles look really great (and they don’t make a lot of them the same way anymore, that’s for sure), but older vehicles often mean more problems. Try to stick with a 4×4 that’s 3-5 years old, and you’ll often find a better deal. If you do have your heart set on an older model, make sure to have the vehicle professionally inspected by someone that knows what to look for in an older option.

Why Used Makes Sense

A new off-road option can cost around $30,000 or more. Used options can be a lot less depending on the year, demand for that particular vehicle, and shape that the vehicle is in. So, used does make a lot of sense if you want a 4×4 but don’t want to pay the price of a new vehicle. You can also purchase used parts for your vehicle from us, and we’ll find the best parts for your new purchase immediately.

It can be tricky to find a used 4×4 that lives up to your expectations and runs very well, but you can easily find what you’re looking for if you follow the tips above. Lastly, if it seems too inexpensive to be true, it probably is! When it comes to these vehicles, you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for parts (new or used) for any 4×4, make sure to call our shop in Fort Collins today and let us know what you are searching for. We’ll scan our inventory to find you the best used parts out there, and we’ll also provide you with the best price. Call today!

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