Buying a 4X4 On a Budget

Buying a 4X4 On a Budget

It would be nice if you could be the best jacked up fourwheeler on the road, wouldn’t it? But we all have this thing called a budget that makes it hard to buy the most expensive rig out there. We get it. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of 4X4 vehicles that are still outrageous, but won’t bust your bank. Check it out!

Vintage Jeep Cherokee: while the newer models are more expensive (and dare we say not as rugged?) as the older models, the older Cherokees have a lot of appeal. If you look for something like the XJ series you’ll still find a lot of guts for the price. Plus there are a lot of different model options out there including both 4 door and 2 door options.

You can even go for either automatic or manual depending on your preference, and there are no shortage of older Jeeps on the market. You can usually find a good old Cherokee for around $6000 or less, and these vehicles will take you where you want to go. Whether or not the newer versions can do the same is debatable, by the way.

Classic Toyota Land Cruiser: here’s another classic pick that’s just as rugged (if not more so) than the current options that Toyota puts out. While not quite as plentiful in the US as those older Cherokee models, the Land Cruiser is still a solid buy that you can find for around $4000 or less – not a bad deal at all.

Some Subaru Selections: the Forester and the Outback Wagon might be what you want, though neither of these are going to take you too deeply into those mud pits (since they are closer to the ground than, say, a Cherokee). But Subaru has a solid name when it comes to build and Subaru parts aren’t off the charts either.

If you happen to live in a colder climate, you can find an abundance of older used Subarus that are still in great shape (for some reason). You’re looking at paying around $5 to $10k for a Subaru that’s in very good shape (because, frankly, they last).

Jeep Wrangler: here’s another Jeep option that is still a really good buy even if it is a few years older. Jeep used to make most of its trucks in the US, and that largely meant a great deal of quality. In fact, some will argue that the older Jeeps are far superior to the newer models. So, do take a gander at the Wranglers as well as the Cherokees that used to be abundant. You can find a Wrangler in great condition for around $10k. Sticking to the models that were built in 2005 or later might be a good idea – check out the specs for later models to compare.

Mercedes G Class: this one is debatable, but some people swear by the G Class that Mercedes has been putting out. Unlike other cars and trucks in the luxury brand lineup, the G Class is affordable and rugged all rolled into one. Plus, you don’t have to pay a lot at the onset – parts are a different story, however, so do keep this in mind if you go the foreign route.

Figuring Out Your Budget

When you do calculate your budget, you have to add in the cost of parts, which can set you back a good deal depending on the type of truck that you purchase. Do a bit of investigative work before you buy a used truck, and then figure out what that truck is missing already when it comes to parts, and what you will have to likely replace in the future. This is the best way to really determine your budget.

For 4X4 offroad parts, contact us today in Fort Collins. We’ll be happy to find the best part for your truck at an unbeatable price.

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