Before Selling Your Car, Remove These Modifications

As 4×4 and offroad enthusiasts, adding aftermarket 4×4 parts and installing offroad parts is essential to providing you with a positive offroad experience. There are many parts and components that are not only desirable, but necessary for hitting the trail that are simply just not offered on a stock vehicle. Plus, it’s fun and exciting to add new aftermarket 4×4 parts due to the fact that you’re creating a custom vehicle that is unique to you and separates yourself from the rest of the crowd. However there may be a day when it’s time to sell your vehicle, and some aftermarket accessories may actually hurt the value of your 4×4, or make it less desirable to potential buyers. If you’re planning on selling your vehicle and have any of these aftermarket parts, you may want to consider removing them from your vehicle and selling them separately.

1) Brush Guard/Bull Bar/Custom Bumpers

If you live in any urban setting, or take your vehicle offroad frequently, a bumper modification is almost essential. It’s an important component to protect your body from damage, can be used to mount a winch or aftermarket lights on, and can provide additional protection from wildlife if they stray out onto the road. While we may love the aesthetic look and function of aftermarket bumpers and bars, sometimes they may be undesirable for those looking to use the SUV for different purposes. In addition, they usually add more weight to the vehicle, which in turn could lower gas mileage. For the average driver who doesn’t plan on using their 4×4 for offroad use, this is an undesirable trait. Put the stock bumper(s) back on and sell the aftermarket components separately, there’s almost always a demand for used aftermarket 4×4 parts like these and will be an easy sell.

2) Noisy Exhaust Systems

Aftermarket exhaust systems have their advantages but most consumers don’t like noisy engine components. While they may give you additional power and a “race” feel to your vehicle, others may find it as nuisance as the majority of Americans enjoy a quiet ride. Plus, when adding any sort of aftermarket engine modification, there’s always the risk of the vehicle not being covered under warranty, or the fitment being off. It’s best to put the stock exhaust system back on and sell it separately. This also goes for any sort of major aftermarket component that effects an engine’s performance.

3) Aftermarket wheels

Adding different wheels to a car can give it a unique look and will serve a specific purpose that can benefit your vehicle in a very positive way. However wheels are subjective, and the person you are selling the car to may not like them. Even if these rims are worth a lot of money, it’s best to take them off and sell them separately because if a buyer doesn’t like the way they look, regardless of how much they are worth, they will see the need to replace them which costs them additional time they may not want to invest in.

4) Tacky Chrome

A lot of motoring enthusiasts will like to put additional chrome accents and pieces on the interior and exterior of their vehicles. While you personally may like the way it looks, chances are a potential buyer won’t, as most aftermarket chrome components usually look cheap, tacky and obvious that it wasn’t originally part of the vehicle when it was first sold.

5) Aftermarket Lights

If you’re doing any sort of offroading at night, aftermarket lights are an absolute must. However if installed improperly they can make a car look tacky and hurt itsresale value. Plus, a lot of consumers prefer a clean look and don’t have the need for additional lighting. If you bought cheap lighting equipment, they can lose their power over time, and collect moisture inside damage other components of the vehicle. Used lighting equipment usually goes pretty fast on Craigslist or eBay so don’t be afraid to sell the equipment separately, as long as it’s in good condition.

6) Body Kits

This doesn’t apply so much to 4×4 enthusiasts, as there is not much need for a body kit, but lot of street performance enthusiasts may enjoy the look of a body kit on their car. Body kits are usually only put on for aesthetic purposes so like aftermarket wheels, the look it gives the vehicle is purely subjective. There are some aftermarket trim parts that will give the vehicle a lower, sleeker look, and these are generally fine to leave on. However if you installed a body kit that drastically changes the look of your vehicle it’s recommended you get rid of it before selling.

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