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Colorado 4×4 Trails – Teller County

Teller County is located just within the city limits of Colorado Springs, and is a fantastic place to go explore some trails and do a little off-roading. Before embarking on any 4×4 adventure, just make sure you receive the proper 4×4 service first, and go to a reputable 4×4 mechanic to make sure your vehicle is in the appropriate shape.

1) Bull Park

Skill Level: Medium
Trail Length: 6 Miles
Nearby Towns: Colorado Springs
Elevation: 9,500 to 11,400 feet

Bull Park is a medium-level trail that offers some challenges to the offroad enthusiast looking to step up their game. This is a very well-rounded trail that has some steep climbs, rocky paths, boulders to climb and water crossings to participate … Read More

Colorado 4×4 Trails – Eagle County

Vail, Eagle and Edwards are just a few cities you’ll find here in Eagle County. Besides popular ski resorts and mountain towns, you’ll find some beautiful, scenic and challenging 4×4 trails to explore with your vehicle. If you’re looking to do some offroad adventuring in Eagle County, you may want to consider some of these prime offroad trails.

1. Adams Lake


Skill Level: Medium
Trail Length: 17 miles
Nearby Towns: Eagle
Elevation: 10,400 to 11,200 feet

Adams Lake is a challenging yet scenic trail located in the White River National Forest. The lake itself is breathtakingly beautiful and worth the trip there. You’ll first start at the end of the Coffee Pot Road Trail located at Heart Lake. The trail … Read More

Car Care Tips for Your Next Summer Road Trip

Summer is all about going on road trips and traveling long distances in your car, truck or SUV. It’s the best time to see the sights, explore new areas and spend some time with the family. But with any road trip, it’s important to be prepared, and it’s even more so important in summer when temperatures can get high causing problems for you and your vehicle. Because of the high summer heat, vehicles are more prone to overheating so it’s important to take the time to put some additional care into them to ensure they run properly. The last thing you or family wants is to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, or on the side of the road … Read More

Six Conveniences Every 4×4 Should Have

Toyota 4Runner

CC Image courtesy of millerm217 via Flickr

To the offroad enthusiast, having the proper 4×4 is a must, and they become a huge part of our way of life. To make the ride more enjoyable, people will spend a lot of money at offroad shops modifying their vehicle and adding additional 4 wheel parts and other 4×4 accessories to their rig. As technology advances, auto manufacturers are adding more and more features to vehicles that used to be considered luxuries, but we see them now as almost being necessities for a more enjoyable ride. These six conveniences we believe every car, truck and SUV should have come standard.

1. Standard 115V outlet

Lets face it, technology and electronics have dramatically … Read More

Colorado 4×4 Trails – Mesa County Part II

We posted some popular 4×4 trails to experience in Mesa County about a month ago but we couldn’t fit it all in one post, so we’re doing a part 2! Here are some more 4×4 trails for you to experience near the Grand Junction area in Mesa County. Don’t forget to put on all of those necessary aftermarket parts first!

1. DS Road

Mesa County

Skill Level: Beginner
Trail Length: 51 Miles
Nearby Towns: Grand Junction, Moab
Elevation: 4,260 to 7,100 feet

DS Road is perhaps the longest 4×4 trail we have posted on our blog. It’s worth mentioning because it’s a very scenic alternative to getting from Grand Junction to Moab, UT. The entire trail is accessible and easy to navigate, … Read More

Before Selling Your Car, Remove These Modifications

As 4×4 and offroad enthusiasts, adding aftermarket 4×4 parts and installing offroad parts is essential to providing you with a positive offroad experience. There are many parts and components that are not only desirable, but necessary for hitting the trail that are simply just not offered on a stock vehicle. Plus, it’s fun and exciting to add new aftermarket 4×4 parts due to the fact that you’re creating a custom vehicle that is unique to you and separates yourself from the rest of the crowd. However there may be a day when it’s time to sell your vehicle, and some aftermarket accessories may actually hurt the value of your 4×4, or make it less desirable to potential buyers. If you’re … Read More

Six Warning Lights You Should Know About in Your Vehicle

Offroad vehicles, daily drivers, family sedans and sport cars all have one thing incommon: they have warning lights. These warning lights are placed conveniently on the dash of most automobiles to help warn the driver that there is a potential problem. Most modern cars will be fitted with a variety of warning lights to inform the driver when specific problems occur. It’s very important to pay attention to these lights and have the problem solved quickly by your 4×4 mechanic, as the problem could potentially get worse if not taken care of. Unfortunately, not a lot of people understand what warning lights indicate, so this article will touch up on the 5 mot commonly seen warning light indicators, and what … Read More

Summer Car Preparation Tips

Summer is just around the corner and with all of this warm weather coming up, it’s time to prep those 4 wheel parts and get your offroad vehicle in tip-top shape. Fortunately there are steps you can take to prepare your vehicle to run its best and extend the life.

The best preventative care you can do to your vehicle is to bring it in to your local Fort Collins Auto Shop, 4×4 Offroad Network or any other trust-worthy mechanic if you’re not in the Northern Colorado area. They will diagnose your vehicle and give recommendations on what’s best for it. Before going into any shop though, it’s a good idea to have general knowledge on what maintenance is best … Read More


Colorado 4×4 Trails: Mesa County

Located surrounding the Grand Junction area and bordering the state of Utah, Mesa County has a wide range of 4×4 trails to explore. We recommend any offroad enthusiast in the are to check out these trails.

21 Road Trail

Skill Level: Extremely Difficult

Trail Length: 1.6 miles

Nearby Towns: Grand Junction

Elevation: 5,670 to 5,700 feet

Due to the huge boulders and obstacles that are present, this trail should only be attempted by the serious offroad enthusiast equipped with the proper 4×4 parts. It’s an extreme trail with large obstacles, although some obstacles have some bypasses making it easier should you choose to take that route. The trail starts out with a medium difficulty, and progresses to extremely difficult.

21 … Read More

Unique Tools for Your Workshop

The automotive world is full of useful tools to help make repairs and maintenance possible. Some of these tools are unique additions to any workshop, garage or just to keep in the back of your vehicle when you’re going offroad.

Wagan 900AMP Jump Starter w/ Air Compressor

There are a variety of jump starters available on the market, but a good one to have is the Wagan 900AMP with an air compressor. This is a great addition to have in any garage or vehicle, because it will restore a dead battery back to life, and has the capability to inflate tires. This is an extremely helpful tool to have for any 4×4 enthusiast, as it will allow you to air … Read More